February 1, 2023

Skims taps ‘White Lotus’ breakout stars Simona Tabasco and Bea Grannò for new campaign

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written by Jackie Palumbo, CNN

“White Lotus” planning besties Mia and Lucia have moved on to their next gig: a The skims fashion campaign.

Kim Kardashian’s shapewear and apparel brand has tapped Italian actors and real-life friends Simona Tabasco and Bea Grannò to model limited-edition bras and underwear from its upcoming Valentine’s Day shop.

Kardashian shared the news on January 23, Posting on Instagram: “I saw ‘The White Lotus’ and had to keep my girls!'”

The campaign images, shot by artist Donna Tropp, feature the Naples-based actress in a series of pink and black lingerie sets. In an accompanying video, Tabasco looks into the camera and whispers into Grannò’s ear, as they both laugh.

The shoot marks the first global outing for the dynamic duo, who had supporting roles as endlessly charming and sly escorts on the second season of the HBO anthology show. Their characters become a thorn in the side of guests at the titular White Lotus Resort As they search for people to seduce (and deceive) the beautiful fictional outpost of Sicily.

'The White Lotus' co-stars in their first major fashion campaign.

‘The White Lotus’ co-stars in their first major fashion campaign. Credit: Donna Tropp

“Being featured in a global fashion campaign with Beatrice that celebrates friendship, women, and feeling empowered and sexy in your own body is so rewarding,” Tabasco said in a Skims press statement.

Since the season ended in December, the cast has been stepping out in style at major fashion shows. Actors Theo James, Will Sharp, Adam DiMarco, Sabrina Impicatore and Tabasco all starred in it. Men’s Fashion Week in Milan Earlier this month, Tabasco and Impacciatore (who played hotel manager Valentina) made waves for their appearance on JW Anderson’s Presentation. Tabasco wore a shimmering backless gray dress from the brand, while Impacciatore opted for a sunset-printed catsuit.

Following the release of the Scams campaign, the casting of Tabasco and Grannò was quickly praised online. “Capturing The White Lotus S2 breakout stars for @skims campaign? She’s a marketing genius,” writer Sam Stryker tweeted about Kardashian. Social media consultant Rachel Carton shared similar views on Twitter, writing about the scams: “They have the budget and they know what to do with it!”

Last spring, an earlier Scams campaign went viral when it reunited four former Victoria’s Secret supermodels — Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio and Candice Swanepoel — for a photo shoot.

Photo: Tabasco and Grannò in skims.

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