February 1, 2023

Lemekani Nyirenda: Zambian student who died fighting for Russia in Ukraine laid to rest

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gave Student from Zambia A family spokesman told CNN that the man who died fighting in Ukraine was laid to rest in a private ceremony in his home country on Wednesday.

Lemikani Nathan Nerenda was killed on the front lines of the Ukraine war fighting for the Russian mercenary group Wagner in September last year.

His family representative, Dr. Ian Banda, spoke to CNN on Wednesday morning as the family headed to Nerenda’s final resting place in his village.

“Now we are going to bury her… we are in a convoy… her (Nerinda’s) mother and father are in the car behind me. They are crying right now,” the man told CNN.

Nerenda’s body was brought back to Zambia last month. On arrival on 11 December, his remains were transferred to the University Teaching Hospital mortuary in Zambia for post-mortem examination in accordance with Zambian laws.

A family statement at the time said, “Funeral gathering, burial and memorial service formalities at the Nerenda family residence will commence only after completion of the above mandatory legal formalities.”

Banda told CNN that the forensic examination of Nerenda’s body had been “confirmed,” without releasing further details.

Nerenda is not the first African student to be killed on the frontline fighting for Russia in Ukraine, sparking outrage across the continent.

A Tanzanian national, identified by his country’s foreign ministry as Nimes Tarimo, was killed last October during a fight with Wagner over money and amnesty, the ministry said in a statement. Statement on Tuesday.

Tarimo was a master’s student at Moscow Technological University, studying business informatics, before being jailed for seven years on unspecified criminal charges in March last year, the ministry said, adding that his The body was flown from Russia and was expected to reach Pakistan. Tanzania for early burial.

Nyerenda, 23, was sponsored by the Zambian government to study nuclear engineering at the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute but was convicted of unspecified crimes in Russia in 2020, Zambia’s foreign ministry said in a statement. And he was sentenced to nine years and six months in prison. Statement His death was announced in November.

In the follow up Statement Last month, the ministry explained that Nerenda was pardoned by the Russian government in August “for participating in a military operation in exchange for amnesty” and was “killed while participating in military activities in September 2022.”

Eugenie Prigozhin, Group Head of Wagner Rentals Admitted to recruiting Nyirenda. from a Russian prison, saying he chose to fight to pay “(Africa’s) debts” to Russia and “died a hero.”

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