September 30, 2022

Iceland arrests four men suspected of terror plot in ‘unprecedented’ operation

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The four Icelandic men, aged in their 30s, were detained “in connection with an investigation into planned preparations for terrorist acts,” Iceland’s National Police Communications Director Gunnar Hór Garðarsson said.

He said that the Icelandic police have prevented possible acts of terrorism. “The police do not consider the Icelandic public to be at risk and the current level of threat of terrorist acts in Iceland is not high as the situation has been secured.”

“These actions and investigations are unprecedented in Iceland,” added Garðarsson.

The raid took place on Wednesday in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland.

According to Icelandic police, the suspects were being investigated on suspicion of “manufacture and sale of firearms”.

Police seized dozens of firearms, including semi-automatic weapons, according to Icelandic Police National Commissioner Carl Steiner Valsson at a press conference on Tuesday.

Walson also said some of them were 3D printed.

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