February 1, 2023

‘GoldenEye 007’ is coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox

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James Bond fans Maybe waiting The next actor Joe will play the British spy on screen, but a beloved Bond adventure from the past is making a comeback.

Golden Eye 007, A classic first-person shooter created for the Nintendo 64 in 1997, is being revived for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox more than 25 years later. For fans who subscribe to the additional content on both gaming systems, the game will be available on Friday.

Based on the 1995 film “Golden Eye,” the game follows Pierce Brosnan’s blocky version of 007 as he travels through various locations, all while a synthy version of the signature Bond theme plays. The Xbox version has been “faithfully remastered and enhanced,” said An advertisement for the re-release, while the Switch game includes an online multiplayer mode.

“GoldenEye 007” was a hit after its release: IGN gave it a 9.7/10. In 1997, contemporary players of popular games such as “The last of us” and “Red Dead Redemption” may be different, but the game still holds a nostalgic appeal for fans who spent their youth lasering their way through levels using Bond’s watch. Not to mention, her The soundtrack remains famous.

To access the game, Switch users must subscribe to its online subscription plus its expansion pack, which includes some Nintendo 64 games and popular titles like “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” and “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.” Includes downloadable content for games. Xbox players must subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, a service that allows players to access hundreds of games from its servers.

The return of “GoldenEye 007” is often called one of the The greatest video games of all time, has been years in the making. the edge Reported Rights issues last year prevented developers from releasing it on newer consoles, including the Xbox, at least since 2008. Tried to rebuild the game. themselves on many occasions, though usually the holders of original rights Close them. Now, Rare, has the original developer of the game. Rebuilt It’s for Xbox with “some modern touches,” while Nintendo is re-releasing the original on its Switch console.

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