January 30, 2023

FBI blames North Korea for $100 million crypto heist

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The FBI on Monday evening accused hackers linked to the North Korean government of stealing $100 million in cryptocurrency from a California firm last June.

According to the FBI statement, North Korean operatives this month laundered more than $60 million of the money stolen in the June hack. The bureau said “a portion” of the $60 million was frozen, but did not say how much.

It’s one of a series of digital heists that U.S. officials fear Pyongyang will use to fund its illicit nuclear and ballistic weapons programs. According to the United Nations, North Korean hackers have stolen the equivalent of billions of dollars in raids on cryptocurrency exchanges in recent years.

In the June hack, hackers targeted a “bridge” – or a program that allows cryptocurrency transfers – operated by California-based cryptocurrency firm Harmony.

In addition to hacking cryptocurrency firms, suspected North Koreans have impersonated other nationalities to apply for jobs at such firms and send money back to Pyongyang, US agencies have warned publicly. Oh A CNN investigation At least one cryptocurrency entrepreneur was found to have unwittingly paid a North Korean tech worker tens of thousands of dollars.

Despite the cryptocurrency’s devaluation last year, North Korea’s suspected hacking of virtual currency assets continues. The FBI made the allegation last April. Hackers supported by the North Korean government For the nearly $600 million hack of the famous video game company.

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