November 30, 2022

Atlético Madrid doctor called upon to treat Pope Francis’ knee injury

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Head Doctor in Spanish Football The Vatican has asked Club Atlético Madrid to treat Pope Francis’ knee injury.

José María Villavón, a specialist in orthopedic surgery and trauma, told Spanish radio station COPE that he was part of a group of specialists who went to treat Pope Francis.

“Both the Episcopal Conference and the Apostolic Nunciature of the Vatican in Spain, they requested that a group of experts help the Pope with the situation he is facing,” Villalón said. “We see him in a wheelchair and see if we can help him improve his mobility and slow down the process of his arthritis.”

Pope Francis has often been seen walking with a cane and sometimes using a wheelchair due to pain in his right knee.

Earlier this year, the 85-year-old canceled a trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan after doctors said he would have to skip a later visit to Canada while he underwent another 20 days of therapy. And don’t settle for resting. the knee

In an interview with Reuters in JulyPope Francis spoke about the injury for the first time, saying he suffered a “small fracture” in his knee when he accidentally stepped while a ligament was inflamed.

Pope Francis is suffering from an “arthritic process that is affecting various joints,” Valaon told COPE.

He continued: “Sometimes, it starts with joint pain and other joints get damaged because they’re carrying more weight than usual. And he’s trying to slow down that process and that’s it. Don’t be spoiled.

Villalen explained that he was “nervous” before meeting Pope Francis because “it’s a responsibility for a world figure to get in shape,” adding that his busy schedule was hampered by his injury treatment. Adds difficulty.

“We have the handicap that he is not a normal patient because of his great activity. Perhaps, it is more difficult for the Pope because his schedule is very complicated, but I am an optimist. We can help the Pope. He helps us with everything, but we will at least be able to advise the doctors who are with him on a daily basis.”

Villalón described Pope Francis as having “a great personality, he is very good psychologically, very happy. He is a very grateful person, very kind and he loves football.”

After Villalán mentioned that he worked for Atlético Madrid, he described Pope Francis – an ardent Argentinian soccer fan – expressing his support for Atlético and Argentina forward Angel Correa. .

“He loves it very much. The Pope is a fan of San Lorenzo, and since he is the team priest, he confirmed. [Correa]So they have a mutual concern for each other.”

However, Villalon said that while he is a “very pleasant patient,” Pope Francis is “very stubborn in the sense that there are surgical solutions that he does not want.”

“We have to offer more conservative treatments to get him to agree,” Villalen said.

He added: “I hope to come back because the first visit was just a consultation.”

Pope Francis told Reuters he did not want surgery on his knee because of side effects from the general anesthetic used in last year’s surgery to remove part of his colon due to diverticulitis.

CNN has reached out to the Vatican and Atletico for comment.

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