October 7, 2022

Amazon’s Bezos, Jassy must testify in FTC investigation

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Judgment comes before that. Amazon (AMZN) claims that the FTC staff was Harassment Two men and putting undue burden on them. Amazon had filed a petition with the agency’s top officials asking them to intervene.

But agency commissioners said Amazon did not meet the legal threshold to revoke the civil subpoenas issued to the two men.

“Amazon has provided no reason why the Commission should accept anything less than all the relevant testimony it can obtain from these two witnesses,” FTC Commissioner Christine Wilson wrote in Wednesday’s order.

In a statement, Amazon said it was “disappointed but surprised that the FTC declined to rule against us at large, but we are pleased that the agency supported our broader requests and chose witnesses as our attorneys.” will allow.”

“Amazon has cooperated with the FTC during the investigation and has already produced tens of thousands of pages of documents,” the company said. “We are committed to engaging constructively with FTC staff, but we are concerned that the latest requests are overly broad and unnecessarily burdensome, and we will explore all of our options. “

Requiring Amazon’s most powerful leaders to testify to the FTC underscores the depth and breadth of the agency’s investigation, which covers a wide range of Amazon services.

It began in March 2021 as an investigation into Amazon Prime, and whether Amazon automatically enrolled users in the program without their consent. The investigation has since expanded to include about half a dozen Amazon services, including Audible, Amazon Music, Kindle Unlimited and Subscribe & Save.

The expanded investigation comes after a Business Insider article reported that some inside Amazon are concerned about whether the company’s customer acquisition and retention practices may be “deliberately confusing.”

Amazon has said that after providing thousands of documents related to the Prime investigation, the FTC’s request for more information is unreasonably broad. It said that complying with the request would, among other things, require interviewing a large number of other employees to obtain relevant information.

Amazon also argued in its filing that Bezos and Jesse don’t need to testify because other officials are more likely to have the kind of specific knowledge the FTC seeks.

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