January 30, 2023

Worries About Covid Strain on Health Care Grow in the U.S.

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At the same time, the shortage of staff in the region’s hospitals has been exacerbated by the recent rise in infections among their staff. At FF Thomson Hospital in Candigua, New York, 45 of the hospital’s 1,750 workers were recently out of the virus, and there are 252 vacancies.

The hospital’s chief executive, Michael Stapleton, said: “Cowed is here, Cowed is a problem, but the biggest challenge here is the staff.”

Other hot spots are also putting pressure on the healthcare system. I Puerto Rico245 people on the island were hospitalized with the virus this week, five times more than a month ago.

Although hospital admissions generally lag behind the trend of new cases, they are one of the most reliable types of epidemiological data, experts agree that positive test results Far more than the official reports of Experts say that the correct number of infections should be significantly reduced.Especially with the rise of testing at home. As of Thursday, the average number of newly certified U.S. cases was approximately 68,000 per day, an increase of about 60% over the past two weeks. According to the New York Times database.

Admission to the hospital is strictly reported. “For hospital data, even given that not all people were admitted due to covid, we can be sure that the numbers are accurate,” said Dr. Eric S. Toner, Center. Said a senior scholar at Health Safety Johns. Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. “So this is the best source of data we have now.

As of Wednesday, about 11 percent of hospital admissions in the United States with corona virus infection were in intensive care, according to federal figures.

The CDC is also keeping a close eye on the nature of hospital admissions. “We’re seeing less oxygen consumption, less ICU formation, and fortunately we haven’t seen any increase in the associated deaths,” he said. The agency’s director, Dr. Rochelle Valensky, said last week.

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