September 30, 2022

US Air Force disciplines crew for landing at Martha’s Vineyard to pick up motorcycle

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Colonel Stuart Rubio, commander of the 403rd Wing, called the island a “stop misuse of government assets.” Each member of the five-member staff was demoted to staff capacity, and the wing carried out administrative operations.

Lack of qualifications means that each staff member has lost ratings or credentials that must be retrieved. For example, a pilot may lose an instructor’s rating and regain that rating requires more training and flight times.

Air Force Reserve personnel departed from Kessler Air Force Base in Mississippi on March 24, the home base of the 403rd Wing, and landed at Connaught Air National Guard Base on Rhode Island. One day later, the crew made an unscheduled stop in Martha’s Vineyard to pick up a 1970 BMW R75 / 5 motorcycle before one of the crew members could resume the flight.

According to the statement, the crew then flew to Mathura, California, to carry wing-related equipment to support the Ecological River mission. When the wing leadership learned of Martha’s landing at the vineyard on March 27, they grounded the crew.

“We hold our reserves to the highest standards and these moves will not be tolerated,” Rubio said.

“Hurricane Hunters” fly to the National Hurricane Center in Florida via tropical storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic, Central Pacific, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. The unit also conducts winter storm missions.

This unit flies the WC-130J Super Hercules aircraft, which is equipped with weather-specific equipment that collects data about the surrounding conditions. According to the unit’s website, the aircraft has a crew of five: a pilot, a co-pilot, a navigator, a flight meteorologist and a weather-monitoring load master.

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