January 30, 2023

Ukraine war: Russian troops can freeze their sperm for free

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Russian troops are taking part. The war against Ukraine Russia’s state-run news agency Tass, citing the lawyers’ union, reported that free sperm would be able to be frozen and stored in cryobanks.

“As part of partial mobilization, families called up for military service will have free access to fertility treatment and storage of biomaterials in a cryobank,” said Igor Turunov, president of the Russian Union of Lawyers. Has become a husband dynamic And the family has appealed for help, according to Toss.

Russian Ministry of Health on “Amendments to the Mandatory Health Insurance System to Create a Free Cryobank of Genetic Material and Allocate a Quota of Free Fertility Treatment for Citizens of the RF (Russian Federation) Participating in Special Military Operations.” Answered. According to Trunov.

“The RF Ministry of Health has decided that it is possible to use money from the federal budget for the preservation and storage of sex cells (sperm) free of charge for citizens mobilized in special military operations in 2022-2024. Taske Accordingly, he said, any subsequent free use of genetic material preserved in assisted reproductive technology is covered by the law, provided it is indicated as part of the (individual’s) mandatory health insurance package.

In November, a US military chief put the number of Russian soldiers killed or wounded in the Ukraine war at more than 100,000, the same number from the Ukrainian side.

Faced with continuing setbacks on the battlefield, Russian President Vladimir Putin drafted 300,000 additional troops in September. Putin said at the time that ‘partial mobilization’ meant that those in civilian reserve could be called up, and those with military experience would be recruited.

Action beckoned. Expulsion from Russia Because thousands of military-age men fled the country rather than risk being drafted. Video footage showed long traffic queues at land border crossings in several neighboring countries and clashes following the announcement of the hike in airfares.

More than 8,500 Russians traveled by land to neighboring Finland on Saturday after Putin’s announcement, according to Matti Pitk√§niitty, a Finnish border guard official.

As of September 28, aggregate data from various countries showed. More than 200,000 people He escaped from Russia and traveled to Georgia, Kazakhstan and the European Union.

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