February 2, 2023

Ukraine grapples with fuel shortages after Russian attacks on oil infrastructure.

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LVIV, Ukraine – Drivers lined up at gas stations across Ukraine over the weekend as the government struggled to cope with fuel shortages caused by Russian attacks on oil infrastructure.

President Vladimir Zelensky said in his night address on Friday that queues at gas stations and rising prices were being observed in many parts of our country. “Occupiers are deliberately destroying fuel production, supply and storage infrastructure.”

Gasoline shortages will almost certainly affect the efforts of homeless Ukrainians to return to their homes. And aid agencies have said. That fuel shortages have made it difficult to provide food and other humanitarian assistance across the country. Most humanitarian aid is brought in from outside the country and delivered by truck over long distances.

Mr Zelensky said the Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports meant that alternative stocks could not come by tanker.

Russian forces this week stormed the Kremenchuk oil refinery, a major producer of Ukraine’s fuel products, along with several other large refineries. Of Russia’s Defense Ministry has also said that Targeted storage facilities for petroleum products used by the Ukrainian army.

Mr Zelensky promised the government would set up a system to address the shortage within two weeks. And Ukraine’s economy minister, Yulia Sveridenko, promised to end the shortage within a week, but warned that prices would rise further due to the complex logistics of securing fuel from European suppliers.

Ukraine is also facing a sharp rise in international oil prices due to its war with Russia.

This week, authorities in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, pressured city residents. Using public transport instead of private vehicles in an effort to save fuel for the military.

“We need to keep in mind the needs of the military and our bodyguards,” the city administration said. “If you are back in the capital, use public transport if possible.”

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