February 2, 2023

Trump unleashes his temper on GOP allies over Ohio Senate primary split

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At a rally in North Carolina on April 9, the former president cheered with the head of the Club for Growth. “He’s a winner. He’s a fighter. When we work together, we’re invincible,” Trump said, welcoming the conservative power broker on stage.

MacAntosh replied.

Anxious to oppose Macintosh, Trump allegedly asked a mediator to send him a text message.

“Go by yourself” Read this.

According to a source close to Trump, the two men have not spoken since. On Wednesday, the club again launched a new ad targeting Vance for criticizing Trump’s past and highlighting Mitt Romney’s confirmation of Trump’s past in the 2018 Senate campaign in Utah.

The rapid deportation of McIntosh from Trump World has now rocked some Republican candidates. Meanwhile, four people familiar with the situation said the Club for Growth is frustrated with board members and donors, who fear it could have an impact if it does not resolve issues with Trump sooner. Will be reduced This is the latest in a series of recent attempts by the former president to seek sole influence over the GOP, which further emphasizes Trump’s expectation that allies will either bow to his will or deviate from his path.

But even if the club agrees to re-enter the post-Trump campaign, some of its allies intend to urge the former president to keep the group at arm’s length.

The Club for Growth is the single most destructive force in Republican politics among these outside groups. Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Benn, whose “War Room” podcast has long been a platform for the club’s most ardent critics, opposes it.

Peter Navarro, a former White House trade adviser, said in an episode, “The Club for Globalists is basically one of the classes … that basically pushes the agenda of the global elite that Donald Trump and MAGA It’s Movement Night. ” Of the program.

Another person close to Trump, who asked not to be named, said the group’s strong resistance to protectionist trade and industrial policies was incompatible with the MAGA platform.

“Trump has been fooled by Macintosh, and I think he understands that,” the man said.

A Trump spokesman declined to comment on the situation.

Club for Growth spokesman Joe Cledia said Macintosh and Trump have “worked together in the past and will continue to do so” before refusing to respond to further requests for comment.

Clydea also noted that the group intends to continue to support Mandel and Alabama Senate candidate Mo Brooks, whose candidacy was rejected by Trump in March at the behest of Congressmen ahead of the 2020 election. Had given

“We’re delighted to have the club’s support and that hasn’t changed much in what we’re doing here,” said Will Hampson, Brooks’ campaign press secretary.

‘A target on his back’

Some aides and allies of Trump said the former president’s relationship with Macintosh was already strained before the club doubled down on its Ohio strategy.

In recent months, he said, Trump has complained of imbalances in private relations, even though the group has spent millions on difficult primaries to support Trump-backed candidates who have received minimal support from Trump himself. ۔ While the former president continued to host McIntosh, a former Indiana congressman in Mar-a-Lago, for his advice on various contests and candidates, he also told allies that the club’s Chiefs are not fully committed to their 2022 recruitments.

Trump has been particularly outraged, with one ally saying the club has not backed or helped Wyoming Congress candidate Harriet Hagman, a current representative in one of the highest-ranking efforts to oust his enemies within the former president. Liz is challenging Cheney. G.O.P.

Trump’s allies say they spend money when they get Trump to endorse the candidates they want, but they don’t raise a finger at what Trump only wants. The ally said.

Two people familiar with the matter said the former president had recently been told by McIntosh that he was telling his friends and Republican candidates that if Trump were to run for president in 2024, he would be the White House chief. Top candidates for off-staff. The Chief of Staff, during his time in office, is known for growing irritable with people who claim to be closer to him.

One of Trump’s advisers said, “(McAntosh) was pushing the statement that he was the gatekeeper for Trump’s endorsement, who inevitably returned to Trump, and put a target on his back. One of Trump’s advisers said.

In another instance, Trump became angry with Macintosh when he arrived for a meeting with Mendel. Trump, who did not hope to join the Ohio Senate, said one of his close aides said he had been carefully apprehended.

Trump Jr. Factor

Although the former president has so far refrained from publicly condemning McIntosh, his eldest son Donald Trump Jr. has made every effort to turn his father’s supporters against the Club for Growth and is now the last of Ohio’s last. Days are actively campaigning against Mendel. Primary next week.

Trump did nothing to stop his son’s public crusade against the club or Mendel, who aggressively endorsed the former president before Trump announced his support for Venice.

In tweets, videos and campaign trail shows, little Trump has cast the club on China as a dove and establishment friendly – two fundamental sins in the MAGA universe. Amid the club’s refusal to remove its anti-Venice ads last week, Trump Jr. shared a video on Twitter in which Mendel was presented comfortably with all three images of the establishment: Romney, former Ohio Gov. John Casch and the late Arizona Sen. John McCain

“Meet Ohio’s friend – the real @JoshMandelOhio. The Club for Chinese Growth supported the Establishment candidate in the #OHSen race,” he wrote at the top of the clip.

A close aide to Trump Jr., who spent Monday with Vance in a series of town halls in Ohio, said he did not initially intend to name Mendel in the campaign but for the club’s actions. He later changed his account. He is now considering whether to oppose the club’s backers. Trump Jr. has repeatedly criticized the group during his appearance with Vance, telling listeners that the club spent millions to prevent his father from being nominated for GOP during the 2016 presidential election. (The group spent about مل 7 million against Trump in 2016 and On one occasion he described the candidate of that time. As the “worst kind of politician” after a tense meeting with him at Trump Tower.

However, the same person said that Trump Jr. does not intend to target the candidates he supports and who have previously won the club’s approval – namely, US Representative Ted Bud and Venture Capitalist Blackmasters, who are from the North, respectively. Carolina and Arizona are running for the Senate. .

But that hasn’t stopped the club’s candidates and donors from raising concerns about the group’s broken relationship with the 45th president.

Two people familiar with the matter said an adviser affiliated with Trump received calls from several GOP candidates, who were concerned that Trump Jr. would follow them because of their association with the club. One of the men, who works on a high-level Senate campaign, said his candidate, seeing it as a potential political responsibility, stopped asking the club for ratification.

A club donor, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Macintosh should have worsened the situation with Trump instead of doubling down on a major advertising purchase against Vance. ۔ The donor declined to say whether he shared his frustrations directly with Macintosh, saying he wanted to see him mend his relationship with the former president.

Past verification

Long before the club ran against Trump in the Ohio Senate primary, it backed other candidates running against Trump-backed opponents.

In addition to sticking to Brooks after Trump withdrew his endorsement from the Alabama Senate hope, the group has endorsed Matt Salmon, the former U.S. representative in Arizona Governorate Primary – in direct opposition to former news anchor Kerry Leak. With the support of Trump. .

The club’s PAC also confirmed its bid for the re-election of Texas representative Chip Roy. In contrast, Trump last year condemned Roy’s leadership intentions and did not endorse the congressman who voted January 6, 2021, to confirm the 2020 election results.

“He hasn’t done a great job, and he’s probably going to have a successful primary,” Trump said last May, referring to the opinion last May when Texas Congressman House House GOP New York delegates were challenging Alice Stefanak for the conference chair.

The club had earlier vented its anger on Trump and his advisers when they felt as if McAntosh had persuaded Trump to take the wrong approach in the primary. Despite claiming to be “undefeated” at his North Carolina rally when he worked with the group, Trump endorsed Susan Wright in the special election run-off for the 6th Congressional District of Texas in July. Lost to Eliza. Trump’s advisers urged him not to run, but after Macintosh agreed, he withdrew before the first round of voting to endorse Wright.

“Trump was completely taken to the cleaners by the Club for Growth,” former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who backed Elise, told Axis after the run-off. “They endangered Donald J. Trump.” I

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