October 7, 2022

Trump looms over vicious House race in West Virginia

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And a deep red-hot current primary that voted for Trump in 2020 will test whether that matters in today’s Republican Party.

The latest round of redistribution and the shrinking population of West Virginia left the state with a less congressional district, forcing longtime allies McCanley and Mooney to run against each other. Turned into a primary-style confrontation, McCanley is running harder on what he has achieved in Congress and is attacking Mooney over the past decade moving from Maryland to West Virginia, while Mooney is running. I am running as an arc conservative, and hammering my opponent. Working with Democrats and voting for President Joe Biden-backed infrastructure bill.

The primary, which runs mostly on television and radio commercials, has also begun to compete for national and state power. While Trump, the powerful group Club for Growth and other top conservatives have backed Moni, McCanley has the backing of two major West Virginia political influences: Changed from Democratic to Republican, and Sen. . جو منچنA Democrat who has been a major figure in West Virginia politics for decades.

In a race between two Republicans that has become the worst in the country, the Mooney campaign hopes that only one endorsement is important to voters.

“Alex is the only candidate in this race that I fully support,” said Trump Says in television and radio commercials. Which are being broadcast across the district. “He’s a fighter for all of us. Re-elect Congressman Alex Mooney in the Republican primary.”

Following McCanley’s decision to vote on the Bilateral Infrastructure Bill, Trump backed Moni in November 2021. McCanley also drew conservative outrage when he joined other Republicans in support of an independent commission of inquiry into the January 6, 2021, attack on US capital. The commission was eventually flustered by Republicans in the Senate, with the House Democrats forming a select committee to investigate the attack.

Both of these decisions have come to the fore in the Moni attacks on McConnell. Voters who previously supported Trump cited support for former President Moni as they now support Congressmen.

“I will go. [Mooney] Because of Trump, “said Connie Miller, a voter from Baker, a small town in East Panhandle, West Virginia.

Chester Mangold, a 62-year-old voter from nearby Morfield who believes Trump “should still be president” echoed Miller’s concerns about telling CNN the price of goods is his biggest problem.

“These gas prices, this inflation – man, it will affect the whole of America,” said Mongold. “You go to the gas station and the grocery store – you’re done.”

Voter loyalty to Trump is reflected in almost every Mooney ad.

One Television commercial He called himself a “MAGA alert” before attacking McCanley in support of Biden’s “trillion-dollar campaign” and “Trump against Pelosi, the victim of witchcraft on January 6”.

McKinley responded by introducing Mooney as a Washington insider and labeling him a “carpet bugger”, noting that the Trump-backed candidate had ruled the neighboring state of Maryland for a period from 2006 to 2010. Was a senator and had moved to West Virginia within the last decade.

McKinley also did not run away from his infrastructure vote. Instead, every time his opponent attacks him for a decision, McCanley uses the vote to highlight how he delivers to his constituencies, often in North West Virginia. I highlight specific projects that will benefit from federal infrastructure dollars.

McCanley stood with the vote in an interview after the bill was passed, even as his Republican opponent hopes to make it the center of his downfall.

“I’ve waited 11 years to try to bring something back to West Virginia that would significantly improve our quality of life,” McCanley said. Told a local shop Immediately after the vote. “If I wanted to make a political statement, I could vote ‘No’. I didn’t. I voted for West Virginia, and I don’t care.”

Furthermore, Mooney is trying to suggest that McKinley also supported Biden’s broader spending packaging, which he did not.

What a baseless accusation. Manchin took an interest in the race. The Democratic senator, who has angered Democrats for months because of his work to separate the infrastructure bill from Biden’s broader social spending package, called McCanley and said he agreed to cut the Republican bill. Because they were “angry.” Someone who doesn’t know my condition and is lying “about McCanley’s record.
“It would be a lie for Alex Mooney and his supporters outside the state to suggest David McCanley support a Build Back Better. Doesn’t make sense, “said Manchin Says in the advertisement. McKinley support. “Alex Mooney has proved that it’s all about Alex Mooney.”
Manchin has taken it one step further. A local radio show And, on one page of Trump’s playbook, he called his opponent “Maryland Money” and accused Congressman of leaving Maryland for West Virginia for a “political opportunity.”

On paper, McKinley has the upper hand over Mooney. The congressman, who was first elected in 2010, presents himself as a seventh-generation West Virginian, a powerful element in a state that traditionally rejects outside influence. Is. And the newly formed district, consisting almost entirely of the counties previously represented, was being prevented from introducing itself to a new set of voters.

But Trump is quite popular in the state. The former president won every county in West Virginia in both 2016 and 2020, winning more than 68 percent of the vote against Biden in the last election. Its effects can be seen everywhere, including in the courtyard where signs and flags of the former president’s courtyard are hung.

McCanley is far from an anti-Trump Republican – Congressman voted against both impeachments of the former president and has repeatedly sided with him during his four years in office. There are signs that McConnell knows Trump’s endorsement could be the most important factor in the race.

I End of an ad While McConnell attacked Mooney to investigate possible misuse of taxpayer dollars, Ravi has a clear message for West Virginia voters: “President Trump has been robbed.”

CNN’s Manu Raju and David Wright contributed to this report.

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