September 30, 2022

Top US spy: China ‘working hard’ to be able to take over Taiwan militarily

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Of Threat to Taiwan During a hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee, National Intelligence Director Aurel Haynes said that between now and 2030 is “severe.”

“We believe that (China) is working hard to effectively position itself in a position where its military is able to take Taiwan to our intervention,” Hans publicly told Intel. He declined to give further details on the sex community timeline.

However, he and the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lt. Gen. Scott Barrier, warned that the United States did not yet know what Chinese President Xi Jinping would learn from it. Russia’s war in Ukraine And Western aid that has reached Kyiv. Both officials said how Xi and the Chinese Communist Party interpret the events of the crisis could affect its timeline and Taiwan’s point of view.

Haynes and Barrier also noted that the United States believes that, if possible, China would prefer to avoid a military conflict with Taiwan.

“I am convinced that (the People’s Republic of China) will not do so by force,” Barrier said. “I think they will like to do it peacefully over time.”

Barrier added that Taiwan was also learning important lessons from the Ukraine conflict, which could enable it to better defend itself against China.

“There are some things we can do with Taiwan,” he said. “I think they are learning some very interesting lessons from the Ukrainian conflict, such as how important leadership is, how important a small unit strategy is, how important a (non-commissioned officer) corps is, and how to have the right weapons system.” With really effective training and the right people, those systems will be able to thwart it. “

Taiwan is a sovereign island democracy that China claims as part of its territory and has not ruled out the use of force. “Reunion.“Beijing is putting military pressure on Taiwan, including holding a military exercise east of the island over the weekend and flying fighter jets over its air defense identification zone last week.
Under “One China” policy, The United States recognizes China’s claim to sovereignty over Taiwan.

But US arms sales to Taiwan in self-defense and voice support for the island from President Joe Biden and other US officials have been a source of tension between the United States and China.

In January, China’s ambassador to Washington warned in an interview. NPR “If the Taiwanese authorities, who encourage the United States, continue on the path to independence, there is a strong possibility that China and the United States will be involved in a military conflict.”
New York Times It was reported on Saturday that the Biden administration was quietly pressuring the Taiwanese government to order US-made weapons, such as missiles and small arms for disproportionate warfare, believing it would defend against a Chinese attack. It would be better for

A State Department spokesman said Monday that “strengthening Taiwan’s own defense is an urgent task and the most effective way to do so is to invest in disproportionate capabilities that are reliable, flexible, mobile, distributed and Be cost effective. “

The spokesman said the assessment was made by members of the Biden administration, “many credible experts” as well as “Taiwan itself”.

“Continuing to pursue systems that do not contribute to a meaningful effective defense strategy is not in line with the emerging security threat to Taiwan,” the spokesman said. “Thus, the United States strongly supports Taiwan’s efforts to implement a disproportionate defense strategy.”

He noted that the US defense relationship with Taiwan was “based on an assessment of Taiwan’s defense needs and the threat posed by the People’s Republic of China.”

“As Admiral Aquelino noted in his March testimony, the alliance with Taiwan is one of the PRC’s top priorities. It has increased its multifaceted pressure on Taiwan, “he said, quoting John Achillo, head of the US Indo-Pacific Command.

“According to the Taiwan Relations Act, the United States provides defense articles and services to Taiwan to enable it to maintain sufficient defense capabilities,” the spokesman said.

“Since 2017, the executive branch has reported to Congress the sale of more than 18 18 billion worth of weapons to Taiwan,” he continued. “The immediate supply of Taiwan’s defense weapons and sustainability to the United States through foreign military sales (FMS) and direct trade sales (DCS) is essential to Taiwan’s security, and we continue to work with industry to support that goal.” Will keep

The spokesman noted, “For four decades, the United States has been guided by the ‘One China Policy’, the Taiwan Relations Act, three US-China Joint Communications and six assurances.”

“We urge Beijing to end its military, diplomatic and economic pressure on Taiwan and engage in meaningful dialogue with Taiwan instead,” he said. “The United States will continue to support the peaceful resolution of transatlantic issues in accordance with the wishes and best interests of the people of Taiwan.”

CNN’s Wen Chang contributed to this report.

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