February 2, 2023

Tigrayan forces say they are withdrawing from Ethiopia’s Afar region

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Conflict TPLF and KY forces clash in Tigray, northern Ethiopia. Prime Minister Abi AhmedThe central government in November 2020, and spread to neighboring areas. TPFL expanded Afar last year.

Spokesman Gitachieu Reda said the Ethiopian government and regional authorities were using the TPLF’s presence in Afar as an excuse to cut off humanitarian aid there and in other neighboring areas, a claim he denied.

“Now that the excuse is gone, we can expect access to humanitarian needs,” Reda said.

Regional Police Commissioner Ahmed Harif said that the Tigrin forces had retreated from Abala town of Afar but they were still present in three districts of the region. Reported

Human rights groups accuse Ethiopian regional forces of ethnic cleansing in Tigris.

Fighting in northern Ethiopia has eased since the federal government announced a unilateral ceasefire last month, saying it would allow humanitarian aid to enter.

Tigrayan forces said they would respect the ceasefire as long as enough aid was delivered to their area “within a reasonable time.”

In Tigray’s case, only one aid trick has helped. 90% of the population is in need of food aid since the Ethiopian army withdrew in late June after months of bloody clashes.

Since its inception, the conflict has killed thousands and left millions homeless as it has spread to neighboring areas.

CNN has contacted Ethiopian government officials for comment.

The United Nations has blamed bureaucracy and insecurity for stopping the convoys, and said at least 100 aid trucks needed to enter the area daily.

Only 144 trucks have entered since the ceasefire. With the arrival of the latest 74 on Monday, according to the United Nations World Food Program.

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