February 3, 2023

‘The Offer’ review: The making of ‘The Godfather’ becomes a good but too-long miniseries for Paramount+

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The film’s producer, Albert S. Rudy is behind the series, which is credited with “Albert Rudy’s experience making The Godfather.” If everyone is the hero of their story that’s definitely true here, with Rudy (Mel Taylor, who Army replaces HammerHas been portrayed as a dignified fight to maintain the film’s artistic integrity while surrounded from all angles, including the mafia, which has made Mario Pozzo’s best-selling book unique Took interest

A more familiar tension is that Paramount is on a rocky path, with its restless owners pressuring Evans to deliver at the box office. Thus the career rides on the film – which won an Oscar for Best Picture as well as a huge commercial success – everyone seems to be in danger of being cast in almost every episode.

No one seems to be more at risk than Rudy, who sees Evans as an extraordinary ally, who occasionally goes to Charles Baldhorn (Bern Gorham), the head of Paramount’s parent company, to provoke Rudy to the final. Sees teasing. The assistant (“Ted Lasso’s” Juno Temple) is one of the main benefits of running a movie studio.

Created by Michael Tolkien (who wrote “The Player”), “The Offer” is definitely a familiar look at Hollywood, pointing to the history of showbiz all the way through, such as Paramount. Rejecting the suit “Chinatown” as another ultimate classic. Evans was also thrown into a tailspin when his wife, Ali McGraw (Meredith Garretts), was heavily involved with Steve McQueen during the shooting of “The Gateway”. Gone

Matthew Gowde as Robert Evans and Miles Taylor as Albert S. Rudy in The Offer.

Still, the whole exercise would be strong enough as a five- or six-part series that lightened on both personal routes and organized crime statistics, and with the struggle of Rudy and director Francis Ford Coppola (Dan Fogler) To protect their vision. .

Instead, “The Offer” not only deals with the lives of Rudy and Evans, but also their relationship with their former gambler Colombo (Giovanni Rabesi), deeply affected by the mafia’s fears that the film How to photograph. Frank Sinatra, who is angry with Johnny Fontaine’s thin veiled character and on one occasion encountered Pozzo directly.

Fans of “The Godfather” will find a lot of surprises, such as the head of a realistic looking horse on a short notice, a mob enforcer Luca Brasi (here Lu Ferrigno aka Hulk). The proposed budget cuts (including a proposal to make the wedding scene a “small affair”) will have a significant impact on the film.

And yet, those who have seen the movie. And its sequels Countless times can test their patience and dedicate themselves to the fear of casting entire episodes, including Rudy and Coppola to get Marilyn Brando (“Avoid Anatomy” Justin Chambers) and El Pacino (Anthony Apolito). Went to the mat, which Evans (in this statement) steadfastly resisted for various reasons.
Half a century later, “The Godfather” remains. A cultural significance, Which it adds – eliminating all built-in equity – is not a no-brainer for Paramount +. God stole the show by surviving his name and then some colorful evils, even the similarities in the smaller characters provide an old memory.

Still, if “The Godfather” emerges as a victory despite limited resources – which provoked Coppola to worry that the movie “Our souls will be eaten, one piece at a time” – “The Offer” “Is influenced by a common digital. Age problem: clear lack of pressure to say “cut”.

“The Offer” will premiere on April 28 on Paramount +.

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