November 30, 2022

Texts between aides reveal role Sen. Ron Johnson played in pushing “fake” Trump electors

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Arizona State House Republican Speaker Rusty Bowers testified emotionally Tuesday in his hometown about the effects of the state’s election reversal scheme on his role and those of his family, outside his home. Annoyingly Libran – always rational, easily hurt emotionally, very passionate and maybe a little too intense.

Appearing at the fourth public hearing of the House Select Committee, Bowers spoke about the effects of the protests on his wife and daughter, who were seriously ill at home at the time, and I was upset that something was going on. “

“It’s a new pattern in our lives or a pattern that we’re worried about what will happen on Saturday because we have different groups coming,” Bowers said. “They had video panel trucks with my video, declaring me a pedo file and a bad and corrupt politician.”

At one point, Bowers said, the protesters included an armed man who appeared to belong to the far-right militant group Three Percent.

“There was a gentleman with three pistols on his chest and he had a pistol and he was threatening my neighbor,” Bowers said.

Earlier, after reading a December 2020 entry he made in his personal journal, Bowers became emotional over how he lost friends as a result of his position and how his faith helped him make decisions.

“It’s painful to have friends who are helping me,” Bowers said.

“I, in the eyes of men, cannot have the right opinion or act according to their point of view or belief, but I do not take this present situation lightly, fearfully or vindictively. I do not want to be deceived. Be the winner, “he said.

Snow Bowers read his diary entry from December 2020 amid Trump’s pressure campaign:

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