February 2, 2023

Russian spacewalkers will ‘flex’ space station’s robotic arm

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Russian astronauts Oleg Artemiv and Denis Matoev left the space station at 10:58 a.m. to begin their spacewalk, which is expected to last about six and a half hours.

Live coverage of Spacewalk is being broadcast on NASA’s TV channel. website.

Artemif will be identified in a red-striped Russian Orlan space suit, while Matoev is wearing a blue-striped space suit. This is the second spacewalk for Mataviev and the fifth for the experienced spacewalker Artimov.

Artemyev and Matveev are working on a robotic arm outside a Russian naval multi-purpose module. His work began on April 18 during a spacewalk.

Russian astronauts Denis Matuyev and Oleg Artimov worked outside the Russian part of the station for six hours and 37 minutes on April 18.  Shown is the Artemif, which can be identified by the red stripes of its space suit.

On this initial spacewalk, the pair installed and attached a 37-foot-long (11.3-meter-long) control panel. Robotic arm.

Matveev and Artemyev will also examine the first movements of the mechanism. The astronauts will bend the robotic arm joints, release the restraints and test its combat capability.

Russian astronauts will launch a new robotic arm of the space station.

This robotic arm will be used to assist space walkers. And move any objects that need to be moved outside the Russian part of the space station in the future.

This is the fifth spacewalk outside the space station this year and the 250th overall. In support of assembling, maintaining and upgrading the orbital laboratory.

This pair walks Are the first of the upcoming spacewalks that will focus on the development of boats and robotic arm for future use.

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