February 2, 2023

Russia will shut off gas supplies to Poland, state-run company says

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The statement said, “On April 26, Gazprom informed PGNiG of its intention to suspend delivery completely under the Yamal agreement at the beginning of the contract day on April 27.”

The news on Tuesday raised the future of US natural gas by about 3%.

Gazprom did not confirm that Russian gas supplies to Poland had been cut off, Russia’s state news agency TASS reported on Tuesday, quoting company spokesman Sergei Kapryanov.

However, Kaprianov insisted that Poland should pay in rubles for Russian gas supplies, a demand Warsaw rejected.

Russia provided one. altimatem Last month, “unfriendly” nations were asked to pay in their energy rubles from April 1 or risk significant supply cuts. But the gas continues to flow.

The Kremlin has said that at the time of its announcement, gas supply payments would be cut in late April or early May, which is why Russia did not immediately cut off gas supplies to Europe.

President Vladimir Putin’s lofty threat has sent shockwaves through Europe, which cannot sustain its economy for long without Russian energy. Moscow has sent a clear signal that it could reduce its natural gas flows at some point – perhaps to prevent or respond to Western sanctions on the war in Ukraine.

PGNiG said it was ready to receive gas from various directions, including through gas connections on its western and southern borders and through the Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal (LNG) in the northwestern port city of Swinoujscie.

It also said its underground gas reserves were about 80 percent full.

“The balance sheet is fueled by the accumulation of fuel in domestic gas production and underground gas storage facilities. As much as possible, “he added.

The Polish gas firm said that at present all deliveries to customers are made according to their needs, adding that the company is monitoring the situation and is ready for different situations.

Polish Meteorological Minister Anna Muskova confirmed on Tuesday that there would be no shortage of gas in Poland, despite a halt to Russian exports.

“Poland has the necessary gas reserves and supply sources to protect our security – we have been effectively independent of Russia for years,” he said in a tweet.

“There will be no shortage of gas in Polish homes,” the minister wrote.

– CNN’s Anna Odzhenk and Olyana Pavlova contributed to this report.

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