December 2, 2022

Ronald Greene investigation: Louisiana lawmakers and former state police leader at odds over cooperation in Ronald Greene death probe

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A special legislative committee is investigating. 2019 Death of Ronald Green A member of the committee told CNN that the former Louisiana State Police chief, who was in police custody, allegedly tried to arrest him for contempt of court for failing to cooperate with appearances for magazines kept during his tenure. Is.

The committee said it had submitted at least three newspapers last week to former Louisiana State Police Superintendent Col. Kevin Reeves, but did not comply with the order, according to Correspondent Denise Marseille, who is on the investigative committee. Are sitting

“They can’t be above the law,” Marcel told CNN on Tuesday night. “Our chairmen sat down to ask very specific questions and this committee was fair. They maintain the status quo they are in.

Green, a 49-year-old black man, died on the night of May 10, 2019, after an incident described by soldiers as a resistance to arrest and a struggle with officers. However, his family said they were told Green had died after being chased in a car accident. CNN has reported..

Videos of the incident were released two years later. He showed Green being molested, kicked and punched by members of the Louisiana State Police before he died in custody.

In response to Green’s death, a Select Committee The state House of Representatives was set up to investigate.

Lewis Unglesby, a lawyer who represents Reeves, met with committee chairperson Rap Tanner Maggie on Monday and gave her nine to 11 pages of entries from her client’s journals, but not all of the journals, Unglesby told CNN. Told

Inglesby told CNN that Maggie left the meeting without any documents. He also said that he sent the documents to the committee by e-mail, fax and letter.

“They don’t have diaries, that’s true,” Inglesby told CNN in a phone call. But do you have any records related to Green? “Yes,” he said, adding that “other magazines are not part of his business.”

Reeves resigned as head of state police in October 2020 amid controversy over Green’s death.

In March, Reeves testified before a special committee about his knowledge of the incident, and at times during heated exchanges with lawmakers, he denied claims that he had covered up Green’s death.

But Marcel said that after hearing testimony from current and former state police officers, it was clear to him that a cover-up had taken place. “The question is how high the veil is and when we will start holding people accountable,” he said.

Of A special legislative committee is leading the investigation. Was created after Associated Press In January, Louisiana Governor John Bell Edwards reportedly observed a two-year silence on Green’s death.

Edwards at the time denied the allegations, saying he welcomed “any and all legislative oversight” of the case. He described the actions of the soldiers involved as “criminal” and said he had been briefed by Reeves in May 2019 that Greene’s death was the result of a sting operation with state police and a “violent, long struggle.”

The lawsuit alleges that Wasil Bilour, Carl Cavalier, a former Louisiana State soldier, was fired after he accused Green’s accomplices of murder and alleged internal cover-up. Since Greene’s death, several soldiers have come forward to testify that there has been a cover-up within the top echelons of the department, which Reeves denies.

Meanwhile, Green’s family filed a false death lawsuit Civil case Demand for compensation for all medical and funeral expenses – against state soldiers involved in the deaths, as well as their superiors.

The soldiers have. Maintained Greene’s death was caused by “traumatic blunt force chest trauma that caused the sternum to rupture and the aorta to rupture,” according to court documents. Used force

One Postmortem report CNN obtained from the Union Parish Coroner’s Office that Green’s head injuries “did not correspond to injuries from a motor vehicle collision” and “most consistent with multiple impact sites from a blunt object. Had. ”

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