September 30, 2022

Roe v. Wade: Key vote to protect access to abortion fails in the Senate

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The final numbers ranged from 49 to 51, with the moderate Democrat Sen. of West Virginia. Join Manchin, the Republicans who voted against the move and prevented it from moving forward.

Failure to move the bill forward was expected amid GOP resistance. But even so, the outcome of the vote shows how Democrats are limited in what they can achieve with their narrow majority in the Senate.

At the same time, the party is under intense pressure to act on abortion rights, amid fears that Roe v. Wade will be gone soon. The vote gave Democrats an opportunity to shed light on the issue and criticize Republican resistance to pass legislation.

President Joe Biden criticized Senate Republicans after a failed Senate vote.

Biden said in a statement that “once again – as fundamental rights are threatened in the Supreme Court – the Senate Republicans have blocked the passage of the Women’s Health Protection Act, a bill that seeks to reproductive health.” Protects access to care, “Biden said in a statement. “This failure to act comes at a time when women’s constitutional rights are under extraordinary attack – and against the will of the majority of the American people.”

But the vote also highlighted divisions among Democrats over the contentious issue. Manchin told CNN before Wednesday’s vote that he would “no” to the Democratic bill, arguing that it was too broad. He indicated that he would support Rowe v. Wade’s regulation, but said the bill was far ahead. The moderate Democrat, who represents the red state of West Virginia and has previously described himself. As a “pro-life and proud of it” I also voted with the Republicans. Opposition to the bill When it came to the Senate in February.
The Senate passed a version of the Connecticut Democrat Sen. Richard Blumenthal Act, which protects women’s health. The bill would enshrine the right of access to abortion in federal law and guarantee the right of healthcare providers to perform abortion services. House approved version of the bill Failed to move forward Amid opposition to the GOP in the Senate earlier this year.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called the vote one of the “most important” senators, “not just in this session, but in this century.”

“It’s not an abstract exercise, it’s as real and as important as it gets,” Schmidt told a news conference on Friday.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell criticized Democrats for forcing the vote, saying it would “attack American conscience and religious freedom.”

“This will eliminate minor and overly popular reservations, such as the waiting period, informed consent laws and possibly parental notice,” McConnell said Monday in remarks on the Senate floor about the Democrats’ bill. ۔

Sen. Susan Collins and Lisa Markowski, rare Republican abortion rights advocates Introduced their own legislation Incorporate the rights established by the ROE into federal law.
both of them Voted against In February, they voted against the Women’s Health Protection Act and again in Wednesday’s vote. Collins criticized the Democratic bill in a statement before the vote. The main Republican said the bill “clearly invalidates the Restoration of Religious Freedom Act regarding abortion and repeals other long-standing, two-pronged conscience laws.”

Asked at a news conference on Friday why he would not bring Collins and Merkowski to the floor instead, which could lead to mutual support, Schmidt said: “We do not compromise on something as important as this. Are doing. “

Earlier this week, more than a dozen abortion rights groups wrote a letter strongly opposing the Murkowski and Collins bill, arguing that “if Roe v. Wade is rejected. The right to abortion will not be protected. “

Democrats have sounded the alarm and reacted angrily to the recent leaked Supreme Court ruling, which includes plans to end Rowe v. Wade after nearly five decades. Has been revealed.

Republicans, despite their strong opposition to abortion rights, focus their response to the Supreme Court’s opinion bomb shell leak, arguing that the leak itself poses a significant threat to judicial independence and freedom from outside interference. Represents

Although the Senate vote on Wednesday was expected to fail, many Democrats still argue that the political landscape has changed and that it is clear that Roy vs. Wade could end soon. And legislators must be on the record. Issue.

“I think the vote is important,” Rap. Corey Bush, Missouri Democrat, said. “It’s been a while since the (bill) failed in the Senate for the last time to get people to talk more, to get more access. And then when this news was leaked, the opinion of the draft, when it came out Come on, for a lot of work, a lot of conversations, a lot of advocacy groups are reaching out, a lot of information is stirring up people’s communities so that a conversation can be started where people can change their minds. ”

Before the voting began, about two dozen progressive members of the House came from the House and chanted “My body, my decision” near Schumer’s office. Slogans were heard from the chamber.

This story was updated on Wednesday with additional developments.

CNN’s Mano Raju, Ted Bert, Caitlin Collins and Kirsten Wilson collaborated.

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