November 30, 2022

Paul Haggis, Oscar-winning screenwriter-director, detained in Italy on sexual assault charges

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The 69-year-old Canadian-born director and screenwriter, who won two Oscars for his 2004 crime drama “Crash”, was in the country to attend a film festival starting Tuesday in the southern Italian town of Astoni. ۔ پگلیہ۔

Prosecutors in the nearby town of Brandesi said in a statement Sunday that they had issued a warrant for the arrest of a “70-year-old” Canadian man identified as “PH”, who was based in Austin.

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He is charged with felony criminal mischief for allegedly assaulting a young foreign woman and for allegedly assaulting a young woman.

Hague’s US-based attorney, Priya Chaudhry, told CNN in an email on Monday that she was “confident that all charges against Mr Hague will be dropped”, noting that Italian law gave him evidence. Prevents

He added: “He is completely innocent, and is ready to cooperate fully with the authorities so that the truth may come out soon.”

Michelle Laforgia, a lawyer for the Haggs in Italy, said in a press statement on Sunday: “Paul Haggs is currently under house arrest in Austin, at his home, by order of the public prosecutor of Burundi. We will be summoned by a judge. Waiting for. In custody for preliminary investigation and to present our version of facts. ”

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He added: “Haggs immediately declared his innocence and he expects the maximum speed of all necessary investigations to clarify the matter. Can’t make any further announcements or give details of the charges until we are fully aware of their actions. There is a legal case behind the precautionary measure and we have been heard by the judicial authorities.

Higgs is a well-known director, producer and screenwriter. His film credits include “Crash”, which won him an Oscar for Best Picture and Best Real Screenplay at the 2006 Academy Awards, as well as a multi-Oscar-winning “Million Dollar Baby” as well as a James Bond film. Includes “Quantum Off” screenplay. Peace. “

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