September 27, 2022

Opinion: McConnell now says abortion would be an issue for states to handle. I don’t believe him

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Last week, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told The USA Today federal abortion ban was “possible.” But he retracted his remarks on Tuesday, saying “passionate” abortion on Capitol Hill is an “issue” that needs to be addressed at the state level – if we are to consider a final Supreme Court decision. The decision to return to the democratic process. “

The ban on federal abortion is a political impossibility at the moment, because there is a democratic headquarters. But the political scenario may not be impossible forever: mid-term elections are taking place. Presidential elections are coming up in two years. And Republican-led states are going so wild with abortion restrictions that they are redefining what is possible when it comes to restricting reproductive rights.

Repeatedly, feminists have been told that we are aborting Chicken Little. Calm down Because we had warnings about Roe’s death. Mysterious. Now, the Supreme Court is ready to overturn Roe and set in motion the domino effect of stricter restrictions on sexual privacy and women’s liberties and the ever-increasing encroachments that are clearly in line with what feminists are saying. Is. So, you will forgive us if we are not buying exactly what Mitch McConnell is selling.

And even if McConnell is now backing away from his statement that the federal ban is not on the table, that is not the majority sentiment of his party, nor is it the thinking of the anti-abortion movement. Shows more widely.

As conservative state legislators pick up the pen and pass extreme abortion laws that will come into force when the tide turns – including Many without exception For women victims of rape, and at least one who considers abortion with abortion women – McConnell’s own colleagues are not satisfied with leaving the issue to the states – they are engaged in national legislation. Are
According to Reporting in the Washington Post, Sen. Joni Ernst is preparing to introduce a bill that would make abortion illegal six weeks after a woman’s last menstrual period – before most women know they are pregnant. And more than 100 House Republicans have already signed it. Life Act in Concept, Which provides equal protection to fertilized eggs under the 14th Amendment, beginning with “the moment of fertilization or cloning, or the second moment in which an individual of the human race comes into being.”
Protesters against the right to abortion are protesting in front of the US Supreme Court building in Washington DC on May 3.
This strategy to limit abortion at the state and federal level has long been planned. And for religious rights and their political representatives in the GOP, it is also part of a larger vision of society – which puts white men at the top of the list. When white evangelical leaders realized that enforcing racial segregation was a losing issue, they Changed to abortion In the late 1970’s but Roe v. Reversing Wade – the 1973 lawsuit that legalized abortion across the country – has long been a goal of religious rights, never ending.
Leaders of the anti-abortion movement have been clear on their objectives: they want to make abortion illegal across the country. Practically no exceptionincluding Rape, rape or fetal abnormality. Some notable contraceptives Workers And Organizations Even claiming that abortion is not necessary to save a woman’s life, as well as exceptions to a pregnant woman’s life or health. Not required, Or you.

Open lies and evil science do not stop there.

“Life begins with imagination” has far-reaching consequences. There, first and foremost, is the fact Half of a fertilized egg Don’t do implants, and there’s no real way to know when implants are done. (This is one of the reasons why pregnancy is considered to be the last menstrual period of a person and why it is defined then ImplantationNot fertilizer).
Second, defining pregnancy as the beginning of pregnancy, the anti-abortion movement seeks to ban many common forms of clandestine contraception, which he says impedes the implantation of fertilized eggs. ۔ Medical Consensus Contraceptives are drugs that are often the target of anti-abortion movement. Emergency contraception And IUD – work through. Stop fertilizer, Not implantation but other aspects of family planning can be affected: According to the Gutmacher Institute, a group working for abortion rights, any law that states that life begins at the time of fertilization. This will create a legal quagmire for parents planning to use IVF or other reproductive technologies. Pregnant
But for many anti-abortion activists, it doesn’t matter. Some of the biggest players in the movement, including American United for Life, write. Model legislation For anti-abortion and contraceptive laws The United States claims The IUD is a “life-saving device”. Other prominent anti-abortion groups say the birth control pill is tantamount to abortion.
And Conservative – including sitting in the Supreme Court – has been clear: it is not just Roe who is at risk, but the whole line of cases has been decided under the long-held view that the right to privacy is enshrined in the Constitution. This was the first case of formal recognition of this right. Griswald v. Connecticut In 1965, the case that legalized contraception for married couples. People involved in the anti-abortion movement don’t just want to overthrow Roe. They want an end to the recognition of a constitutional right to privacy, which would mean that Gracewald would be overthrown and that cases that consensually consensual sex between adults and homosexual marriages would be thrown out. Have a question mark.

The list of movements against abortion is long, and it goes far beyond abortion. The question now is how fast it will move forward and how aggressively. As I have noted, the federal ban is non-starter as long as a Democrat is in the White House, but the anti-abortion movement and its extremists in the Republican Party have a Congress majority in the 2022 midterm elections. Achieving and presidency in 2024.

Protesters in support of reproductive rights patrol outside the home of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Elliott on May 9, 2022 in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.

There will still be obstacles to overcome, the most important of which is a majority of 60 votes needed to subdue a flibster in the Senate. Would a nationwide ban on abortion be attractive enough for Republicans to cut the abortion-specific flibster that would reduce the voting threshold to 50? McConnell, for the time being, does not say: “There is no question that Republicans in the Senate believe there should be an exception to the 60-vote threshold. There are no emotions for that, “he told reporters.

The question is, does anyone believe it? McConnell is not reliable at all: remember that Appeals for justice and consistency. When did he stop Barack Obama from appointing a Supreme Court judge during Obama’s last year? As soon as Donald Trump got the chance to be a judge in his last year, he went out the window. Amy Connie Barrett’s appointment to fill the seat of Ruth Beder Ginsberg is exactly what we see in Rowe’s reversal. McConnell is not affected by fairness, consistency or honesty. He encourages force, and there is no reason to believe that he will not use it against abortion rights.

Democrats need to become a stronger force against Republican extremism. This year’s midterm elections are incredibly important, as are the presidential elections two years later. But for some women in the United States, providing permanent emergency assistance to legalize abortion is not sustainable.

If the Supreme Court moves forward with a reversal, this is what is to come: a country that is more polarized and severely cut off, with women’s lives, well-being and future at stake. Expect more vicious battles, no. Only on abortion Also on contraception, marriage and consensual sex.
Despite a The majority of Americans Saying that they want abortion to be legal, contraceptive methods available and marriage open for any willing adult who wants to marry another, we should instead go for mismanagement and reactionary minority rule. have been.

Reversing Roe is just the beginning.

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