September 30, 2022

Opinion: Kim Kardashian gives us a glimpse of how hard it was to be Marilyn Monroe, the star

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In fact, details of Kardashian’s efforts to adapt her body to the costume – losing 16 pounds in less than a month and bleaching Monroe’s white blonde for about 14 hours – Kardashian’s desire to be sculpted Shows, instead of paying homage to Monroe.

As Green observed, “I don’t know how to explain what he did because it was so subtle, but he turned on something inside him that was almost like magic. They were recognizing. That it was Marilyn Monroe as if she had taken off a mask or something, even though no one had noticed her a second ago.

Marilyn Monroe at the airport waiting room during a press conference in Los Angeles in February 1956.

The story has become part of the myths of one of the great stars of the Hollywood classic era. It captures an insignificant aspect of Monroe’s legendary appeal: the idea that its origins were somehow different from its celebrity. And there’s also the irony of the possibility that one could access this authentic Marilyn – if one only scrutinizes the details of her films, her life and her death, a crusade that The new biography shows no sign of slowing down. , Documentaries, online speculation, and much more.

Not surprisingly, Kardashian decided to dress up at the Met Gala on May 2 – and suggested that in doing so, she was trying to “become” Monroe. Immediately pointed and In some cases severe reactions. Kardashian’s desire to primarily wear Monroe’s identity as a second skin fits into a major allegation about the former (and some of his sisters): that he was part of his personal and professional branding. There are shameless attributes of culture and style.

Where Kardashian has made his career by blurring the line of the real thing, Monroe excels at hiding it. Monroe’s public image was so flawlessly presented, performed and presented that decades later, we are still eagerly searching for the woman under it all.

Still what Kardashian does The offer – and what could actually be in the service of Monroe’s legacy – is to show the hard work of image creation, something that would have ended Monroe’s mysterious fascination with the star’s own time.

What is the criticism of Kim Kardashian really?

Kardashian’s identity as ethnically white and so on Adopting dark cultural style and aesthetics Echoes of historical criticism of Jewish and Irish ministerial artists Adopting a black face In the early 20th century, the most famous were the 1927 film “The Jazz Singer”.
As Michael Rogen and others have shown, that style of performance was a way of appropriate blackness and at the same time emphasized their whiteness – at a time when their racial identity was so pervasive. Questions Have been raised About whether Kardashian, on which “Black phishing“, Blackened her skin for a photo shoot.

But his attempt to embody Monroe’s personality is a new threshold in Kardashian’s often difficult attempts to play with his ethnic self-expression.

Kardashian has often embraced black cultural gestures as part of his personal aesthetics, inviting black style for white mainstream audiences. Her jeweled girlfriends, the Fulani tops she credited to Bo Derek, and her copy of Grace Jones’ famous photo for the cover of Paper Magazine are three of the most controversial examples.

Even her famous curvy body – which is marked on her back – is the type of “fat” body most easily associated with the black “video vaccines” that Kardashian’s ex-husband, Kani A rapper like West is famous in acting music videos. Although Kardashian has. Acknowledging the criticisms.This history undoubtedly conveys the impression that Kardashian was deliberately trying to hunt down Monroe’s stardom – and whiteness – when she wore her famous dress.
Kim Kardashian on Hulu's new show

In fact, Kardashian’s apparent focus on someone close to her, from her moment-to-moment change in her blonde Hollywood icon with Blackness, reinforces the idea for some that blackness is a non- Temporary pauses for ambiguous whiteness and dignity.

Conservationists, on the other hand, expressed their displeasure at the handling and display of historic clothing at the gala. Although Kardashian was certainly not the first celebrity (or even unknown) to wear vintage or archival clothing, this particular line of criticism quickly became the focus of Kardashian’s anger.

Ripley Believe it or not! Who bought the gown For about ڈالر 5 million at the 2016 auction, he lent the card to Kardashian for the occasion, even though he had only worn the original clothes on the carpet for a few minutes before turning it into a copy.
It doesn’t matter, as the costume historian Kimberly Christmasman-Campbell Noted on Twitter And in the Los Angeles Times, there are examples of vintage or archival pieces for both celebrities and models, and museums or private collectors exhibiting their pieces in creative but potentially dangerous ways. Instead, critics blamed Kardashian for the incident, accusing her of associating the iconic Hollywood glamor with both her body and her personality.
Kim Kardashian doesn't deserve it.

It is noteworthy that this is the conversation that has dominated the public debate since Kardashian’s adoption of Marilyn’s personality. The real concerns of the Conservatives about clothing, however, provide an easy cover for more theoretical criticism – that Kardashian dared to “become her” for one night, disgracing Monroe’s legacy.

The video circulated a video of one of the dress-fitting meetings, prompting ridiculous remarks about Kim’s soon-to-be “thick ass” or her skin tone and disconnection between Marilyn. Such an argument is based on assumptions about Kardashian’s racial performance, as well as criticisms based on taste, respect, celebrity, and authenticity.

This line of criticism effectively contradicts Monroe’s classic Hollywood film icon – established in films such as “Gentleman Prefer Blondes”, “The Seven Air Touch” and “Sim Like It Hot”. Positively, Kardashian’s “against the negative of being famous without anything” status has been achieved in the disgusting world of reality television.

Marilyn Monroe, proto-reality star

But those formulations – even if they are correct – lack the deep echo of what Kardashian’s public display of clothing indicates about Monroe and how his history has been deliberately revised.

Start with the fact that the outfit that Kardashian chose to wear is not related to Monroe’s movie characters or even most easily associated with Monroe as an icon: it is probably white / ivory There will be a dress designed by William Trevola for Monroe’s appearance. In Billy Wilder’s movie “Seven Years of Itch”.

Rather, Kardashian wore one of Monroe’s appearance gowns that we can understand as the forerunner of modern reality television: JFK’s television / recorded birthday party in Madison Square Garden.

The joys that make this moment famous – the context of Monroe and Kennedy’s relationship as Monroe teases her lover both live and in front of the television audience with the knowledge that his wife Jackie Looking at the house – maybe closer. Compared to the classic Hollywood movie Fellows, the contemporary reality television would like to acknowledge the melodramatic appeal.

Sung by actress Marilyn Monroe

In fact, the gown that Kardashian wore represents a special aspect of Monroe’s personality – notoriety rather than fame – and Monroe’s unique ability to take something horrible and embrace it instead. To embarrass oneself with it.

Inside this light, the costume fits well with Kardashian – symbolically, if not literally – because of what it symbolizes about Monroe and what happens next. The whiteness of Monroe’s image Erased in later periods: A woman who constantly tried to re-invent and use some kind of agency on her public image, refused to be embarrassed by the scandal, and To do this, they often use television..
All one needs to do is try to solve the real-life problems that Monroe encountered and the thousands of baseless rumors that are often taken today as good news to see the remains of his complex celebrity. ۔ Publications sought to create controversy over its early modeling for men’s calendars, Hugh Hefner Bought and published Without her consent, nude photos of her, gossip columnist Heida Hooper Wrote an open letter Blaming Monroe for her own miscarriage.
I would like to introduce you to the real Marilyn Monroe.
Monroe’s Associations With black people – Platonic and both Romantically – Additional concern arose from those responsible for maintaining its image. And, there have always been allegations that she slept with everyone, from allegedly prostituting herself to studio executives, to having an affair with both John F. Kennedy and her brother Robert. Regardless of how far some of these claims are concerned.
It all resonates with Kardashian, whose name is still mentioned. A sex tape is now some 20 years old.. In fact, at the crossroads of celebrity and reality, Monroe and Kardashian have more in common than one might think.

Our never-ending desire for the “real” woman

One of the most enduring elements of Monroe’s phantom Desire to expose The “real” story of Marilyn Monroe. In contrast, Kardashian offers a highly crafted version of both the big and small aspects of her life: her romantic relationships, sibling conflict, professional endeavors and much more, as well as her two television shows. Social media also creates presence content.

There is no aspect of Kardashian’s life that has not been mediated and presented to the public with Kardashian’s own hands. Significantly, while Monroe struggled throughout her career to find a professional agency, Kardashian effectively owned her image.

As the executive producer of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” (E !, 2007-2021) and “The Kardashians” (Hulu, 2022–), as the executive producer of his life and picture, we can argue. Yes, the “real” version of Kardashian is what she chooses to share with the public rather than the public enjoying exposing it – and owning it.

Monroe, and the studio system and its attendant publicity machine, portrayed the star as an awkward bomb shell: a sex pot whose main appeal was that she wasn’t trying to be sexy – she was just — Easily.

Of course, the fact that Monroe’s personality was his own production and the studio’s very real and measurable effort to create his image that fans will love: by him Plastic surgery And blonde hair is dyed in her constant diet and – most clearly – in it. Marlin Monroe’s name changed from Norma Jane Baker.
Kardashian severe Diet and exercise plan In order to fit Monroe’s gown, the changes that people have noticed over time, even the transition from aesthetically pleasing white to the supposed white, made possible by Monroe’s performance. Is – the most famous blonde ever. the work The effort that goes into creating an image, the hard work that maintains the illusion that there is even a “real” access.

Kardashian could never become Monroe by dressing up, but perhaps the reason is that no one can become a “real” Monroe.

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