January 30, 2023

Ohio and Indiana primary elections

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Democrat Tim Ryan speaks with supporters in Columbus, Ohio, after polling closed on Tuesday, May 3, the day of the primary election.
Democrat Tim Ryan speaks with supporters in Columbus, Ohio, after polling closed on Tuesday, May 3, the day of the primary election. (J. Lapret / AP)

Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan on Tuesday stressed the need for state and country to come together in Ohio’s primary night victory speech, telling supporters that this does not mean “seeing each other and seeing a Democrat.” Or watching a Republican. “

Ryan, who according to CNN projects will win the Ohio Democratic Senate primary, will now have to persuade several Republicans and former Democrats to vote for him if he wins the Ohio Senate race in November. Have a chance

The state has distanced itself from the party in recent years – former President Donald Trump has won the state twice, and no Democrat other than Sean Sherwood Brown has won a statewide judicial office in Ohio since 2008.

“Look, I’m not fighting here, I’m not going to try to win election day and punish 50% of the people who live in this state or this country,” Ryan said Tuesday. “We’re here to heal, we’re here to be American, we’re here to be together.”

He added: “We can do it together. I’m sure we can do it – if we’re together. And it’s not about finding our differences. It’s not about hate. We have to love each other, we have to take care of each other, we have to look our best, we have to forgive each other, we have to show some grace.

Ryan’s message seems to be entirely focused on Democrats who have doubts about the eligibility of a voter who twice backed Trump to return to the Democratic Party – or to return that voter. Democrats also have time to try to win.

Ryan said in a recent interview with CNN that winning Trump’s vote twice is “absolutely feasible.”

“Obviously there will be people who will support Trump and do whatever he says and vote for whomever he says, but Ohio voters don’t have to say who,” Ryan said. Have to vote, “Ryan said.

Since Ryan’s primary has been a largely forgotten outcome, he has been trying to do so for months, including in his paid media.

In an ad, Ryan blamed “both sides” in Washington for “wasting time in stupid fights.” In another ad, Ryan – once standing up and playing darts – says, “It’s totally wrong to defend the police. We need more police – not less. My party was also wrong on trade deals which Send your jobs abroad.

Both ads aim to alienate Ryan from the National Democrats at a time when the image of the National Party in Ohio is becoming increasingly negative.

“I want you to bring Republicans into our programs, I want you to bring free people into our programs, because that’s a special movement that’s happening here in Ohio,” Ryan said Tuesday. “We listen to it.”

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