October 7, 2022

New York judge lifts civil contempt finding against Trump and orders him to pay $110,000 in fines

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Judge Arthur Anguron set a number of conditions that he said must be met by May 20, otherwise he would resume the contempt inquiry and possibly enforce it as before. These terms include providing affidavits stating the Trump organization’s policy of maintaining and destroying the document, including how the post notes were handled, and completing a review of the five boxes attached to Trump that provided offsite storage. Were located in the facility. A written decision is expected to be issued after Wednesday.

The judge also agreed to allow Trump to keep the fine in an escrow account until the former president’s contempt of court appeal is completed.

The judge stayed the fines until last Friday when Trump’s lawyers filed additional affidavits, including one of Trump’s, about attempts to comply with a summons from the New York Attorney General’s Office for the record. Was

The New York Attorney General’s Office has transferred Trump to contempt of court after failing to comply with a petition for documents released in December 2021. The attorney general’s office is investigating the accuracy of financial statements provided by the Trump organization to creditors, insurers, and tax benefits. .

At Wednesday’s hearing, Andrew Emer, a state attorney, spoke about the Post-Notice issue, which Trump was known to use to communicate with his staff, and whether he was fired. Was

Ames said, “To the best of our knowledge, we have not seen any documents that have been posted. Was a means to an end. ” He argued that the handling of postage notes should be included in the policy of document retention and destruction.

Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, said she had been told by the Trump organization’s general council that all post notices had already been submitted to the attorney general’s office.

“It’s a little funny,” he told the judge, grabbing a pile of posts. “I don’t have any formal post-practice, do you?”

The judge said he could start a new practice in law: an affidavit after that.

The judge said he also wanted Trump’s lawyers to address any attempts to reach out to former executive assistants and whether they could be traced.

Trump filed a fresh affidavit with the judge on Friday, Saying that he is no more There were cell phones issued by the Trump organization and that he changed his personal cell phone for search. Habba said she personally searched every nightstand, desk and closet on Trump’s property and found no documents requested by him.

This story has been updated with additional developments and background information.

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