November 30, 2022

NBA Playoffs: Jayson Tatum hits buzzer-beater to lift Boston Celtics over Brooklyn Nets in Game 1

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Jason Tatum hits a spinning echo to capture Game 1 Boston Celtics’ first round playoff series against the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday.

Which became a tail. NBA Playoffs These two classic, Eastern Conference heavyweights – both of whom feel they are legitimate contenders for the title – pulled back as the momentum accelerated.

Boston seemed to have wrapped up the game after taking a 15-point lead in the third quarter, but under a tumultuous lead from Kerry Irving on their former home field, the Nets made it to the closing time. I competed all the way back to take a five-point lead. Stages

But a huge three-pointer from Jaylen Brown and a driving take-up by Marcus Smart brought the Celtics to the surface after a net turnover with only three minutes left.

However, when Irving took three steps back to get energy inside TD Garden and with 45 seconds left to lift the net above three, it seemed as if the Celtics were looking at a 0-1 deficit in the series. Are

But Boston also came up with several big dramas at the defensive end during the game, in which Tatum stopped the Durant pull-up jumper and Brown chased Bruce Brown to stop his take-up at the end of the third quarter. Coins

He did so again after Jaylen Brown’s quick two runs to reduce the deficit, as Marcus Smart – a defensive player of the year candidate – stopped Irving Forced to play from the backboard.

Jason Tatum was the hero in Game 1 against Brooklyn.

Chaos ensued as the Celtics chose not to use the rest of their timeout with only 12 seconds left. Brown penetrated the paint and kicked the ball towards Smart, who made a jumper and squeezed between the two net defenders to find the totem in the paint.

“When he took the dribble, we only made eye contact in one way,” Tatum said of the post-game movement.

In a sweeping move, the Celtics star forward picked up the ball at his own pace, spun around Irving and held the ball up to beat the big one in a fraction of a second.

“They [Smart] Made a great pass, “added Tatum, who finished with 31 points and eight assists.” It doesn’t get any better. A great bet in the playoff game at home.

Significantly, this was the first home game-winning playoff bet in the history of the Celtics. NBA Reporter Micah Adams.

But if there was a tetum hero in a tense night at TD Garden, Irving was definitely the villain of this rude mob in the house.

The Nets’ Star Guard won by 39 points, including 18 in the fourth quarter, six assists and four steals in one night from the Celtics crowd.

Irving was ridiculed on every return to Boston after his tough departure from the Celtics in 2019, and gave fans a middle finger on Sunday after more hacking.

“Where I am from, you know, I’m used to being close to all these movements and people,” he told reporters after the game. “It’s nothing new what it will be like when I come into this building – but that’s the energy they have for me, I’ll get the same energy for them. And it’s not every fan. I don’t want to attack every fan, every Boston fan.

“When people start shouting ‘p ****’ or ‘b ****’ and ‘f ****’ and all these things, all you have to do is take them as a competitor.” We are expected to be polite and humble, to behave humbly, this is the playoff. This is what it is. I know what to expect from here. And this is the energy that I give them back. This is what I am giving.

“I’m not really focusing on it. It’s fun. You know what I’m saying. Where I’m from, I’ve done a lot, so come here and you can do it as a competitor. Enjoy. I’ll keep repeating myself when I say it again, but this isn’t my first time at TD Garden, so what you guys saw, what you guys think is fun. , Or the fans think it’s fun, it’s all legitimate

“So if someone is going to call me by my name, I’ll look at them with the right eye and see if they’re really affected by it. Most of the time, they’re not.”

Irving was not helped on the court by Durant what a disappointing night for the 12-time All-Star, who finished with 23 points on 24 of 24 random performances.

The stage is now set for Game 2 on Wednesday at TD Garden, which features a spectacular first-round clash.

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