September 29, 2022

Montenegro Gunman Kills 10 Before Being Shot and Killed

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BELGRADE, Serbia — A gunman in Montenegro killed 10 people, including a mother and her two children, ages 8 and 11, before being shot dead by a civilian in the town of Setinje on Friday. gave

“When we arrived at the scene, we found nine bodies, including two children, and the other two died on the way to the hospital,” Andrijana Nastic, the state prosecutor investigating the shooting, told TV Vegity.

Ms Nistic said six people, including a police officer, were injured in the attack.

The shooter first targeted the mother and her two children, who were tenants at her property, according to Zoran Berdinen, director of Montenegro’s police administration.

According to TVVegety, citing witnesses, the shooter then called the victims’ father and husband to explain what he had done.

The shooter, identified as 34-year-old Vuk Borelovic, then continued shooting with a hunting rifle at random passers-by in the streets near his residence before being shot and killed by police. Did you hunt?

“The shooter was killed by a civilian,” said prosecutor Ms. Knostic. Local news media earlier reported that police had killed the shooter in Setinje, about 22 miles west of Podgorica, the capital of the tiny Balkan country.

Mr Bradenan, the police chief, said it was still unclear what “provoked” the shooter’s attack.

Three of the injured are said to have life-threatening injuries.

“These are very serious injuries and at the moment we cannot announce the final diagnosis,” Dr Perica Maras, who is on duty at the Clinical Center of Montenegro in the capital, told TV Vegity.

Montenegrin Prime Minister Drayton Abazovic wrote on his Telegram channel that an “unprecedented tragedy” had occurred in Setinje and said Montenegro would declare three days of mourning starting Friday evening.

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