September 30, 2022

Mexico’s President threatens to skip Americas summit unless US invites every country

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During his daily briefing in Mexico City, Lopez Obrador said, “Attending the Los Angeles Summit has not been resolved yet because we are proposing that no one be excluded because we all want the unity of the United States. Are. “

“We feel that there should be no conflict. Despite the differences, we should talk to all Americans, then we have to resolve this issue now. We have very good relations with President Biden’s government. We want That is the position of Mexico, “he added.

US officials have repeatedly said that the governments of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela will not be invited to the summit. Human rights records

As the host country, the United States has the honor of selecting the leaders to be invited to the summit.

However, the White House said Tuesday that no decision had been made following Lopez Obrador’s comments.

White House Press Secretary Jane Sackie said in a statement that “we have not yet decided who will be invited and no invitation has been issued.”

If Lopez Obrador leaves Mexico for the meeting – which is set to take place in June – it will be a source of great annoyance to the White House, and especially to US President Joe Biden’s administration, who Tried to use as an opportunity. Strengthening Latin American relations with the United States amid growing Chinese engagement in the region.

The President of Mexico spoke on repatriation. After visiting Central America and Cuba, where he met with the President of Cuba. Miguel Diaz Kennel And the former president Raul Castro. In Cuba, Lopez Obrador said he would urge Biden not to exclude any US country from the summit.
Biden seeks to mend broken US ties with Mexico

“I know that there are political groups in the United States that are committed to conflict, that want to hold Latin American and Caribbean people hostage, as in the case of the blockade against Cuba, which Cuba has greatly promoted. Politicians who have a lot of influence in the United States, “said Lopez Obrador.

“But I think the blockade is inappropriate, and inhumane,” he added.

He added: “If I am expelled, if not everyone is invited, the Mexican government will be represented, but I will not go. Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard will represent me.”

The Supreme Court reviewed Biden's powers to decide US immigration policy in

The US Summit is traditionally a gathering of countries from North, Central and South America and the Caribbean and is held every four years.

Relations between the United States and Cuba have been strained for decades, with the two countries holding high-level talks in April for the first time in four years.

Nicaragua and Venezuela have a long list of sanctions against their governments and are in bad shape with Washington following the recent dubious elections.

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