September 29, 2022

Meet the chef who cooks for the French President

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Inside the golden halls of the Palais de l’élysée, master sommelier Carlton McCoy meets chef de Frances Oge – the man assigned to feed French President Emmanuel Macron.

Oge, who has served four presidents, is an excellent food expert. From the delicacy of its delicacy to the beef wellington of its sculptures, the accuracy and elegance in the kitchen of Oj is unmatched.

“The house doesn’t work like a regular restaurant or a regular hotel,” he said. “This is France’s first home, and we are like an exhibition to the world.”

Its refined and classic style is a form of cooking that has somewhat diminished in modern France. “Most of the great chefs I’ve seen today are influenced by their grandmothers or their mothers. And I, I don’t have that way,” said Oge, a first-generation immigrant. ۔

He moved to Paris from Africa with his mother when he was 9 years old and grew up on the outskirts of the city. “You have dreams when you are a child,” he told McCoy in an episode of CNN’s original series Nomad. “Even if I can’t reach it, I’ve tried.”

Watch the master clip at work here.

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