November 30, 2022

Matt Fitzpatrick revels in ‘special’ US Open win

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The 27-year-old secured the victory after the last day of the roller coaster by beating the American pair of Scotty Schaefler and Will Zlatours by a single shot.

“It was incredible,” Fitzpatrick said CNN Sport After lifting the Don Riddle Trophy.

“It’s just like a big release, you finish the tournament and you win and you realize you have achieved one of your lifelong goals.

Fitzpatrick, a seven-time winner on the European Tour, is set to wait for his first major, but eventually wins.

Despite the windbreaks that wreaked havoc on the challenging par-70 course, Fitzpatrick never scored more than equal in four rounds.

His 68, 70, 68 in the first three rounds saw him move to a decisive day as a co-leader with Zalatoris, where his third 68 was enough to claim a one-stroke victory at six under par. ۔

Like the success of any great sport, sacrifices have to be made along the way, but Fitzpatrick says all the hard work and dedication is worth it.

“I just want to win. Whatever it is, for me, I have to do it,” he laughed, adding that he recently hosted a bachelor party but did not attend because he S was preparing for the open.

“I think the thing that makes me superior to other people is this dedication, to go out and work hard when no one is around and that’s what got me to that level.”

Fitzpatrick celebrates with Cady Billy Foster after winning the US Open.

Jack Nichols record

In addition to receiving a share of 3. 3.15 million in the total prize money of 17.5 million, Fitz Patrick, the biggest vessel in the history of the championship, also holds a very special record.

The World No. 18 is only the second player – and the first non-American – to win both the US Amateur and US Open at the same venue at The Country Club in 2013.

Jack Nichols is the only other golfer to do so after his victory over Pebble Beach in 1961 and 1972.

“He’s amazing. He’s the best golfer of all time. It’s incredible to share what he’s done,” said Fitzpatrick.

“I’m so proud of myself that I’ve been able to get it and it’s very special when you’re sharing the record with Jack.”

Fitzpatrick was born and raised in the English city of Sheffield, leaving his family and close circle of friends and family close to him.

His mental strength was fully visible at The Country Club last week, as his acquaintances were strange.

Fitzpatrick works differently with many golfers: he drops the flag when he hoists and makes notes after each shot.

Fitzpatrick watches his sixth tee shot during the final round.

Every shot, except for its last input to secure the US Open.

“I didn’t even write how close it was, but I remember, so I’ll do it later,” he laughed.

Fitzpatrick’s next big target is the Open Championship in St Andrews, Scotland, and English fans are adding to his collection.

“I am happy with one. [major] But it will be through two roofs, “he said, adding that he was looking forward to celebrating his victory.

“It’s the biggest achievement of my career so far. I’m going to enjoy spending time with family and friends. As I say, this is a really crazy special moment.”

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