January 30, 2023

Live Updates: Russia’s war in Ukraine

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Russian forces The attacks began On various targets that appear to be related to the transport of military equipment in Ukraine. They include three railway power substations destroyed by missile strikes in the western city of Lviv, a local official said.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military released videos of Russian military vehicles being destroyed. East Donetsk region And In Kharkiv Oblast Also an apparent Russian attack Military position on Snake Island In the black sea

Here’s what you need to know:

Four evacuation corridors were planned: Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Irina Verishchuk on Wednesday announced four planned evacuation corridors for the city of Zaporizhiya “if the security situation allows.” Verishchuk said he would allow evacuations from Mariupol, Lunacharc Circle, Tokmak and Vasilyukka. President Vladimir Zelensky said in his speech at night Address on Tuesday That 156 people were trapped and reached Zaporizhzhia. Azovstal steel plant In Mariupol

A high-ranking Russian-backed official visited Mariupol: Denis Pishlin, the leader of the Russian-backed separatist region of Donetsk, has become the first high-ranking official – Russian or Russian-backed. Visit the besieged Ukrainian city.According to pictures posted on his telegram channel. This visit is the first major sign of Mariupol’s forthcoming Russification.

At least 290 civilian bodies have been found in Arpan since the Russian evacuation. The bodies of 290 civilians have been found in the town of Arpin, outside Kyiv, since the withdrawal of Russian troops, Arpin Mayor Alexander Marcoshin said on Tuesday. Of the dead, 185 have been identified and most were men, Marcoshin said. The cause of death was “knives and gunshot wounds.”

The United States hopes to attract highly skilled Russians: US President Joe Biden Asked the US Congress. Amend the Immigration and Nationality Act for highly educated Russians Obtain a visa to work in the United States.. There are tens of thousands of highly educated Russians. Allegedly escaped. Officials say that since the war, Russia and the US administration have been hoping to benefit from the brain drain.

Biden’s administration says it will not allow Russia to “co-opt” Victory Day: Amanda Slott, senior director of the White House National Security Council for Europe, told CNN that the Biden administration did not want to allow Putin to “co-opt” Monday’s victory by linking it to an attack on Ukraine. He refused to weigh in on the intelligence signal. Putin can use the holiday. In support of its invasion of Ukraine, including possible steps to formally declare war on its neighbor or to annex Donbass and Luhansk territories.

Two-hour call between Macron and Putin: French President Emmanuel Macron meets with Putin Which lasted more than two hours.Ellis Palace said Tuesday. Macron warned Putin of the consequences of the war and called for an end to “destructive aggression.” Macron also “expressed his deep concern about Mariopole” and the situation in the Donbass area.

Israel-Russia diplomatic dispute: Russia on Tuesday accused Israel of backing a “neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv” that fueled a diplomatic standoff between Moscow and the Jewish state over Ukraine, anti-Semitism and Adolf Hitler. The accusation is likely to increase pressure on Israel, which voted at the UN to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but has not fully joined Western sanctions on Moscow or provided arms to Ukraine.

The United States has said no WBA player was “wrongfully detained” in Russia. The State Department has now wrongly detained WNBA player Britney Greiner in Russia, and her case is now being handled by the Office of the US President’s Special Envoy for Hostage Affairs, Roger Carstens. The official confirmed to CNN. The SPEHA Office guides and supports diplomatic efforts aimed at securing the release of Americans who have been wrongfully detained abroad. Played a key role in securing American Trevor Reid released from Russia last week.

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