December 3, 2022

Live updates: Russia’s war in Ukraine

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Belarus’s opposition leader called on the United States to impose sanctions on the Belarussian government, which is a reflection of the sanctions imposed on Moscow.

In meetings with State Department and members of Congress this week, Svetlana Tsakhanovskaya said they discussed both strengthening future sanctions and closing loopholes in existing sanctions.

He also said that he had provided the US government with evidence that Alexander Lukashenko, a powerful Belarusian leader, was involved in the Russian war in Ukraine.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Tsakhanovskaya said sanctions “should be the same in terms of power” as those imposed on Russia “but differ in structure” and should target state banks and state institutions. ۔

The opposition leader said he had asked authorities in Washington DC to “make sanctions more effective, eliminate the remaining flaws, freeze Lukashenko’s assets and withhold funds from the International Monetary Fund.” Talked about ways. “

Tsikhanouskaya said he suggested the use of secondary sanctions to close such loopholes.

“We see how Russia uses Belarus to evade its sanctions,” he said, citing Steel as an example.

He says sanctions are affecting Lukashenko’s government, but cites foreign minister’s letters on bilateral relations sent in recent weeks.

“I hope Lukashenko will not again manage to fool democracies, as he has done many times before,” he said.

Tsakhanovskaya met with US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman – a meeting attended by US Secretary of State Anthony Blanken – as well as Jim O’Brien, head of the State Department’s Office of Sanctions Coordination.

Tsakhanovskaya told reporters that he had given O’Brien “documents with evidence of Lukashenko’s involvement in the war against Ukraine, as well as a list of companies and countries that helped lift sanctions.”

“This includes the movement of Russian equipment in the territory of Belarus,” he said.

“This is internal information about some internal orders regarding the deployment of various Russian military equipment in our territory,” he continued. “So people have been collecting this information for the whole war. They are well documented and we have sent this evidence to the government.

Tsakhanovskaya said she did not believe the Belarussian military was involved in launching the missiles, and instead Lukashenko gave the land to Russian President Vladimir Putin to use as he wished.

“It’s already a world war. We’re terrified of World War III, but it’s already going on,” he said. “It’s a war between democracy and dictatorship.”

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