October 7, 2022

Lithuanian foreign minister calls for removal of Putin, predicts Russian leader will become more erratic as losses mount

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Speaking to CNN in Washington on Tuesday, Landsberg also said his nation wanted a permanent US military presence, calling it “the biggest obstacle to an aggressor like Russia,” as well as in Madrid. It is calling for strong NATO support at next month’s summit of leaders.

Lithuania has been a staunch supporter of Ukraine since the start of the war more than two months ago and has called for a full response to counter Russia, which became the first EU country to block Russian gas imports. Has gone

Landsberg said the United States and its European allies have so far focused on their “strategy” regarding the war in Ukraine, which is responding to ground developments.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Putin’s government, but said that maintaining some independence was important for the country. Can do, and not exclude NATO countries. “

“There are countries that are expecting that we will just have to wait and wait for the war to end and then we will be back to business as usual,” said Landsberg, who argued that “Russia is a civilized world order … they are no longer part of it.”

“Russia’s warmth will end when the government in Russia ends. That is the only way we see it,” he said.

Landsbergis did not suggest that the West should take concrete action to remove Putin from power, acknowledging that “it may take a long time to change, because we have no active means to change it.” That fact must be taken into account. “

Moreover, Landsberg explained that it would not be enough for Putin alone to lead Russia further because “this is a whole system.”

“Putin may be ill, he may have been pushed aside by his inner circle – which is perhaps unhappy with the damage done on the battlefield – but that does not mean that the government will change or His attitude will change, provoking the war, “he said.” It reminds me of Nazi Germany.

Landsberg told CNN Putin’s Victory Day speech on Monday He suggested that Russia’s failure in the war could lead to dissatisfaction in the inner circle, and said that it was “charming” that the Russian president had “tried to explain” why he had started the war in these comments. ۔

“Who is he referring to? His people? Well, they don’t need an explanation,” the foreign minister said, noting the general Russian public’s approval of the attack. “We? You know, we don’t believe it. I mean, we know the facts, you know, we knew them all.”

“So my guess is that he’s explaining it to his circle … people who can lose confidence in him. So he has to unite with them because it was a good decision,” Landsberg said. ۔

Lithuania’s top diplomat has predicted that Putin “will become more and more insane about who he can trust, and he will feel that the damage done on the battlefield has caused more and more around him.” More dissatisfaction is growing, and this could lead to their tricks. ” – Especially in the (inner) circle – more random. “

Such misconduct could lead to an attack on a NATO country, which is why “NATO decisions are so important to countries like Lithuania” – one of the closest NATO countries geographically to Russia.

“We need to know we’re safe,” Landsberg said.

Landsberg told CNN that addressing such security concerns was a key topic of his meeting with Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman in Washington on Monday, and with the NATO leaders at the East Coast summit in Madrid in June. Will be the focus of conversation

Russia has stepped up attacks on railways, targeting Ukraine's lifeline to the outside world

Lindsberg said Lithuania wants a permanent military presence on the “Svalbard corridor” – which borders Lithuania-Poland and connects Belarus to the Russian enclave Kaliningrad in the Baltics – a permanent US military presence, and allies. Possibility to send. Landsberg also said that Lithuania wants integrated air defense capabilities like Israel’s Iron Dome.

Landsberg told CNN that his country has not received a clear response from Washington on where it stands on the continued presence of US troops, but hopes a consensus will be reached at a NATO summit next month. ۔

Ahead of the summit, Landsberg said it was important for the world to face a “growing food crisis” as a result of the war, calling it “a huge problem that is just beginning to manifest itself.” Is.”

“This is where the global coalition needs to work harder,” he said.

“One of the things that can be done, and I think the most important thing that needs to be done is to give the people of Ukraine the opportunity to export their wheat and corn through the port of Odessa and if need be. So there’s a security corridor. It was done by countries that are affected by the food crisis – take Egypt, “Landsberg told CNN.

He said he himself did not anticipate NATO’s role in providing security corridors, but “I will not rule out the fact that some NATO countries will be involved, with wider allies.” Also, with countries that are directly affected. “

“That’s because if you look at the list of countries that were buying food products from Ukraine, and which are now in a weak position, take Turkey, take Egypt, even Iran.” – And I do not expect Iran to be involved. Effort – There are still tens of millions of people who are vulnerable, and some of them will suffer because of food prices and shortages. “

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