January 30, 2023

‘Life after birth’: Intimate photos show postpartum journeys of celebrities and mothers everywhere

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written by Megan C. Hills, CNN

Despite her apparent success, entrepreneur Joanna Griffiths found herself struggling behind closed doors when she became a first-time mother. In 2019, the day her Toronto-based underwear brand Nix won the marketing award, she was consulting a breastfeeding consultant.

After trying to pump for three hours, “just to fail,” he said Selfie post. On Instagram, she looks tired, holding the ice pack tightly to her chest. “I just wanted to give a big voice to all the mothers out there because these are hard things after the fourth trimester,” she wrote.
Joanna Griffiths received a wave of support after sharing this photo on Instagram.

Joanna Griffiths received a wave of support after sharing this photo on Instagram. Credit: @joannaknix / Courtesy Rizzoli

“I was seriously struggling with breastfeeding,” she recalled in an email, adding that she also suffered from postpartum depression. “Nursing bras designed by my team to test every time (I) wear. I was not ridiculed.”

But she was “compelled” by messages of support – people express sympathy and share their challenges with the mother, sharing their experiences from “terrible” breastfeeding to “no joke” after birth. Describe as Others encouraged him not to kill himself or to feel bad.

“It simply came to our notice then. Was masked, “Griffiths said. “We forget so quickly that in these precious moments of birth, you are completely new to someone else.

“And it’s not your child – it’s you.”

"Life after birth" Collaborator Shanola Hampton shared this photo of herself with her son and wrote that she could not explain it. "Happiness this little man has given me."

Shanola Hampton, a participant in “Life After Birth,” shared this photo of herself with her son, writing that she could not describe “the joy this little man has given me.” Credit: Shanola Hampton / Courtesy Resoli

Community Search

Realizing that other mothers were going through similar experiences, Griffiths and Domino Kirk-Budgley, a Dola and childhood educator, launched “Birth After Life”, an online space where women Can share photos of their intimacy and post-natal stories, one of which was a selected choice. Exhibition in New York. Now the project has been turned into a book of the same name.

Arranged in sections, such as the first 24 hours and the first weeks, months, years and beyond, the book aims to share stories that “normalize, celebrate and respect pregnancy experiences.” . ” Celebrity stories, including comedian Amy Schumer and actors Kirsten Bell and American Ferreira.

A foreword by Ashley Graham Sets the tone for “Life After Birth” featuring a picture of a plus size model who closes her eyes with her doll during the ordeal that appears later in the book. She reflects society’s “unrealistic expectations” of “perfect mothers”, adding that, in fact, the experiences of being a mother are as diverse as the empowerment they are empowering.
Project co-founder Domino Kirke-Badgley, a professional doll, also shared her story in the book with this picture of her breastfeeding.

Project co-founder Domino Kirke-Badgley, a professional doll, also shared her story in the book with this picture of her breastfeeding. Credit: Pamela Hansen / Courtesy Resoli

“After birth, I know there’s nothing I can’t do,” he wrote.

In some pictures, mothers are being linked to their new children and careers, as New York State Lawmaker Michael C. Solages nurses at his workplace and Elizabeth Wheelie, a mother in the military, wears a pumping bra. Have happened “Breastfeeding in combat shoes is not easy, but I will not trade it for anything,” wrote Wehley, who said she was fighting for equal parental rights in the armed forces.

Others tell tragic stories, such as Pascal Hunt, who recalls the loneliness of giving birth during an epidemic, and another mother who recounts a second trimester abortion. In an animated photo, birth photographer and Dola Heather White, who has documented nearly 200 births after losing her own child, wrote, “That’s how I honor my son.”

Jessica Zucker shared her experience of having an abortion in the second trimester, "I know that I am not alone and neither are you."

“I know I’m not alone, and neither are you,” Jessica Zucker wrote, sharing her experience of having a second trimester. Credit: Ileana Elon / Courtesy Resoli

Elsewhere, a woman who decides not to have children is highlighted. While this may seem like a dramatic increase, Griffiths said his involvement fits into the broader narrative of tackling “social taboos around birth experiences” and that the choice of not having children is also “postpartum”. Is part of

“It’s a decision and a journey rooted in power that is often overlooked,” he added.

Proceeds from the publication will help the non-profit organization The Black Women’s Health Imperative (BWHI) train 20 doulas for postnatal care for 80 black families.

Assistant Lori Yeri wrote that she did. "Not specifically" As was his post-passtrom body but "I am very proud of it" After the twins.

Contributor Lori Erie wrote that she did not “particularly” like her postmodern body but was “very proud of it” after giving birth to twins. Credit: Lori Erie Photography / Courtesy Resoli

According to the BWHI, black women cause an “disproportionate number” of maternal deaths and “Three to four times They are more likely to die from pregnancy-related conditions than their white counterparts.

Kirke-Badgley hopes that “life after birth” will serve as an invitation for other mothers to start sharing.

"Life after birth" Combines parent portraits and first hand accounts.

“Life After Birth” combines portraits of parents and first hand accounts. Credit: Thanks Rizzoli

“I think listening to each other’s stories is very healing, in weakness,” he said in an email. “No one has mastered it. There is no technique we are trying to teach you. We are just changing the narrative by talking to each other at the end. No one is born that way.” Neither does the postnatal space experience, nor do we all need support?

“None of this is to be done alone.”

Life after birth: portraits of love and the beauty of parenting.Published by Rizzoli and written by Knix and the Carriage House Birth Communities. Outside now.

Top photo: Jillian Harris, a former contestant on “The Bachelor”, is sharing an intimate moment with her husband and children, Leo. He called the photo “one of the best moments of my life.”

Correction: The previous version of this article incorrectly credited Christa Evans Photography and Pamela Hansen’s photographs.

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