February 2, 2023

Latest Russia-Ukraine War News: Live Updates

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KYIV, Ukraine – It was not an easy case to crack. Ukrainian investigators had to combine radio intercepts, satellite images, security camera footage, witness statements and even social media posts.

But this week, they made a breakthrough and, for the first time since the war began, Ukrainian authorities published identities and photos of 10 Russian soldiers, whom they said were from the town north of Kyiv. He had committed war crimes in Boucha. The Ukrainian capital, The place of the worst atrocities of war.

Hundreds of Ukrainian law enforcement agents have spent weeks trying to find out who were the soldiers who terrorized Bocha in March, when Russian forces seized the town and killed at least 400 civilians. Were gone

“It was very difficult,” said Ruslan Krachenko, a leading prosecutor. “We have to look for the information in small pieces and put it together.”

The prosecution said it showed photos of 10 Russian soldiers it believed were involved with witnesses and victims – to identify them. He was assisted by a group of Ukrainian journalists. Slidstvo.info It then tracked down the soldiers’ social media accounts and published personal details about the suspects.

Some like to catch fish. Others are married. Came from a remote Russian town more than 4,000 miles away and worked as a firefighter.

Dmytro Repliaanchuk, one of the journalists at Slidstvo.info, said: “It’s hard to say what forced him to change from a rescuer to a war criminal.” In a video Released about the investigation.

Bucha is still burning with horror. Hundreds of civilian bodies were found after the withdrawal of Russian troops from the area in late March.

Credit …Ivory Practice for the New York Times
Credit …Daniel Berrylick for the New York Times

Many of the victims were shot in the back of the head and others were tied to their backs and killed. Ukrainian officials say women have been raped and children killed.

Bodies lay on the streets for weeks. When the Russians occupied the town, the inhabitants of Bocha were terrified to gather them.

Ukraine’s prosecutor general’s office said in a statement on Thursday that 10 Russian soldiers had taken civilians hostage, “starved them to death and starved them, tied their hands to their knees and blindfolded them” and “humiliated them.” And beaten. “

The statement, which was posted on social media, included identified photos of the soldiers.

“We know all the details about him and his actions,” Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said in an overnight address. “And we will search for all, as we will find all the other Russian thugs who killed and tortured the Ukrainians, who tortured our people, who destroyed houses and civic infrastructure in Ukraine. What

Russian officials have denied that their troops committed any war crimes in Bocha, calling photographs and witness accounts fake. President Vladimir Putin honored the unit in Bucha.The 64th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade called them “Guards”.

But independent human rights investigators, along with dozens of witnesses, say occupying Russian forces tortured and killed civilians, among other crimes.

I A recent report by Human Rights WatchThe advocacy group said that “Russian forces committed clear war crimes during their occupation of Boucha” and that “there is ample evidence of abstract deaths, other extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, and violence, all constituting war crimes.” And possible crimes against humanity. “

Ukrainian officials said the 64th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade was responsible for some of the atrocities, and that the troop involvement was “established through the investigative and coordinated work of prosecutors and police officers.” Ukrainian officials said the soldiers were young and inferior and included four privates, four corporals and two sergeants.

“It takes a long time to identify an individual soldier,” said prosecutor Mr Kravchenko.

He added: “There will be no apology.”

The investigation is likely to uncover more detailed allegations in the coming days. Prosecutors say that over the past month, Ukrainian police officers and other law enforcement agents have been combing the ruined streets of Bocha, interviewing witnesses and gathering forensic evidence from bodies and crime sites.

It is fast becoming an international endeavor. Ukrainians are working with French forensic experts who have installed a trailer on the site of a government office in Kyiv. He is also working with the International Criminal Court, whose chief prosecutor recently visited Bocha and summoned Ukraine. “Crime scene.”

The UK has just announced. That it was also sending experts, including those who handle conflict-related sexual violence.

Experts warn that it is one thing to file a lawsuit against a Russian soldier in a Ukrainian court. Bringing them to justice is another matter. Ukrainian authorities say all suspects will be tried in one way or another.

“Ukraine’s position is very clear,” Mr Zelensky said. “Every Russian criminal must be brought to justice, and will be. Whatever they are and where they are hiding, we will find them and hold them accountable.”

Credit …Daniel Berrylick for the New York Times

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