December 2, 2022

Johnny Depp’s attorneys expected to rest their case today

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Depp alleges that Hurd defamed her in the 2018 Washington Post option that she wrote, falsely accusing her of domestic violence. The name op-ed does not mention Depp. Depp claims the piece has made it difficult for him to find work, and he is suing Herd for ڈالر 50 million. Herd is fighting for 100 100 million against Deep.

Following the testimony of two witnesses on Tuesday morning, Depp is expected to defend his case and Hurd’s lawyers are expected to file a strike.

The procedure, in which Heard’s team will argue that he should not be held responsible, is common in civil cases and is done to protect the right of appeal.

Judge Penny Azcarate will decide whether to hear arguments on the motion immediately or schedule them later.

From 'The Rum Diary' to court: A timeline of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's relationship
If the case goes ahead, as expected, Herd’s lawyers will begin presenting their case. Psychologist Don Hughes, who testified in trials against the Nxivm leader. Keith Rainier And singer R. KellyIs expected to be the first witness to be called to defend Hurd.

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