December 5, 2022

Japanese journalist sentenced to 10 years in Myanmar prison, official says

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A Myanmar military court has sentenced a Japanese journalist to 10 years in prison for sedition and violating the Electronic Communications Law after he filmed an anti-government protest in July, a Japanese diplomat said on Thursday.

According to a petition, Toro Kubota, 26, was arrested by plainclothes police in Yangon, where he was filming a documentary he had been working on for years.

Kubota was sentenced Wednesday to three years in prison for sedition and seven years for communications charges, according to Tetsu Kitada, deputy chief of mission at Japan’s embassy in Myanmar, citing a lawyer representing the filmmaker’s case. It was told.

Katada told CNN that the court decision was made “behind closed doors” and that Kabuta’s lawyer was not allowed to be present.

Closed-door trials without media or public access have become routine in Myanmar, with rights groups and observers saying such trials violate international human rights.

Kitada added that the Japanese embassy was “doing its best” to ensure Kabuta’s early release.

Rights organizations and observers say freedoms and rights continue to erode under the military junta in Myanmar. condition Executions are back and the number of violent attacks documented by Army presence has increased in civilian areas including schools.According to non-governmental organizations.

Its ousted former leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Lives in prison with Escalating charges The ruling junta turned against him. He has denied all the allegations leveled against him and his supporters say the allegations are politically motivated.

Kubota joins other foreigners held in Myanmar prisons.

Australian Sean Ternell, former economic adviser thought And his party was sentenced to three years in prison for breaching the country’s official State Secrets Act – a sentence the Australian government quickly rejected.

Vicky Bowman, Britain’s former ambassador to Myanmar who served as its top diplomat in Myanmar between 2002 and 2006, was charged with immigration offenses along with her husband and sent to Yangon’s notorious prison. Ansin was sent to prison.

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