February 1, 2023

It’s 11 p.m. in Kyiv. Here’s what you need to know

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According to the prime minister’s spokesman, Hungary will not include the EU’s plan to ban Russian oil imports in its current form because it is “against Hungary’s national energy security”.

“The Brussels proposal suggests that this should happen by the end of next year. The shortest period – we’re clear on that, our oil companies are clear on that – three to five years.” Kovacs, a spokesman for Prime Minister Victor Orban, told CNN’s Eleni Giocos on Wednesday. “The essence of decision-making in Europe is consensus … we maintain and we have been telling Brussels and all the European states that, on behalf of Hungary, this cannot be done just as they need it. “

The European Union is proposing. Ban on all oil imports from Russia By the end of the year, remove Sberbank, the country’s largest bank, from the SWIFT international payments network. In a sign of possible disagreement among EU member states following the announcement of the proposals, Kovacs tweeted that Hungary – which relies heavily on Russian oil imports – does not see how the transfer of the oil embargo would be manageable. ۔

Kovacs confirmed in an interview on Wednesday that tensions exist between the European Union, Hungary and Slovakia, another country that relies heavily on Russian oil. He told CNN that differences “have nothing to do with emotions, political likes or dislikes.”

“We have not yet received much assistance from the European Union, beyond the energy terminal in Croatia. Therefore, neither resources, nor capacity, nor alternative resources are available for Hungary at this time and in the near future. ” Added

When Hungary was pressed for an alternative to energy, Kovacs said “this is a matter of harsh physical reality on Earth.”

“Hungary is a landlocked country. We have inherited a one-sided dependence on Russia since the fall of communism.”

Kovacs also vehemently denied reports that long-serving leader Orban had listened to Russian President Vladimir Putin and had been warned in advance of an attack on Ukraine. He said Hungary had “acquired the same momentum and information and intelligence as other NATO allies.”

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