February 2, 2023

Ireland’s Census Collects Time Capsules to Be Opened in 100 Years

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“In a hundred years, people will not only see the message, but also the handwriting of those who wrote it, which is such a profound detail.” The next census in 2027 will be mostly online, but the response this time around will definitely leave us with something like this in the future. We may use new technologies to give people a personal touch.

Amy Dottell Wall, of Michigan who immigrated to Ireland 12 years ago, was one of many respondents who used their time capsules to remember loved ones who went to the census night. , Or those who died and will not be officially counted. . He also posted his capsule on Twitter.:

“Tonight, as we count in our home and in our family, we are thinking so much about our beloved daughter, Easton Luna. She was tragically snatched from us 5 years ago, just before her 4th birthday, in a car accident. Estelle was our first child and the love of our lives. It was never counted in the census and so we are glad to be able to mention it here. She was beautiful, creative, funny, so smart and smart, and confident over the years. We had the privilege of being her parents and we still have the privilege of mourning her for the rest of our lives. Estelle Luna, we hold you in our hearts – always love, Mom, Dad, Manx and Lucy.

Ms Dutil-Wall later said in an interview: “While filling out the form for naming people at home, it seemed so clear that Estelle should be there, but she wasn’t. Time capsule. It lets us know how much we loved and missed it, and it was great to see this little thing for people to see again in the future.

Ms. Dutil-Wall’s post quickly garnered over 40,000 likes. A woman in her 60s responded by saying that her first child was born after marriage, and It was taken from him for adoption.Which broke his heart. They later found each other again, he wrote, and loved each other dearly.

David Hayden, a father of two in Dublin, wrote: “2022 is a relevant time. We hope to overtake Coved but he took my youngest sister Allison in 2020. By Putin of Ukraine Attack is our main concern. The possibility of a world war is very real.

She hopes her daughters’ grandchildren will read the “time capsule” in happier, more peaceful times; we don’t own the planet, we only care about it for future generations, so take care of it. !!! !!! Our children are laughing.

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