February 2, 2023

In Ukraine War, a Long Journey Begins in Prosecuting Rape

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It is appealing to other parties to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to consider opening its own prosecution of Russia’s sex crimes charges, claiming international jurisdiction – a legal principle that some violations are so heinous that they There are widespread insults to humanity, and therefore any country can be prosecuted through the judicial system. Earlier this year, A German court has convicted a Syrian intelligence officer of crimes against humanity.He was sentenced to life in prison for overseeing a security center in Damascus, where detainees were tortured, raped and otherwise abused.

The United States is not a party to the International Court of Justice in The Hague and cannot prosecute abuses in US courts without reference to the UN Security Council, which Russia will almost certainly veto.

As a permanent member of the Security Council, Moscow can also veto any attempt to impose international sanctions on Russian individuals or organizations believed to be involved in sexual crimes or violence against women in Ukraine. ۔ Ms Patton said the ongoing economic sanctions against those who have targeted female workers in Yemen in recent years, or those who have failed to stop the sexual abuse of prisoners in Libya, are a step towards preventing gender-based violence elsewhere. Acts as a warning.

Annual reports This month, a report released by Ms. Patton’s office concludes that UN investigators confirmed approximately 3,300 cases of conflict-related sexual violence worldwide in 2021 – up from about the previous year. An increase of 800 cases.

Ms Payton said: “If this sexual violence is happening on a scale that is happening, with brutality and the fact that justice is painfully slow, it is because of a lack of a standard framework. No, “said Ms. Payton. The reason, he said, is that there is no political will to stop or at least punish him.

In Ukraine, most of the evidence collected so far in sexual assault cases has been collected by investigators for NGOs, such as Ms. Gorbunova, Or a journalist?. Ms Payton said many of the victims who reported their attacks had done so anonymously, refusing to identify themselves in phone calls to government hotlines.

Russian officials have denied any involvement in the massacre, abuse and other atrocities in Ukraine since the attack, and President Vladimir V. Putin has called the evidence “fake.”

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