December 5, 2022

Hurricane Ian barrels toward South Carolina after slamming Florida

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Homes destroyed by Hurricane Ian are seen in Fort Myers Beach on Sept. 29.
Homes destroyed by Hurricane Ian are seen in Fort Myers Beach on Sept. 29. (Greg Levitt/USA TODAY Network)

The city of Fort Myers Beach, on Florida’s southwest coast, was hit hard by Hurricane Ian, a local politician said late Thursday.

“I made it about two-thirds of the way down the island and I’d say 90% of the island is pretty much gone,” Fort Myers Beach Town Councilman Dan Eilers told CNN’s Don Lemon. “Unless you have a high-rise condo or a new concrete home built to the same standards today, your home is pretty much gone.”

City, With a population of About 5,600 people Is on Estero Island in the Gulf of Mexico.

Eilers said many people struggled to get to higher ground during the storm surge.

“I’ve heard stories of people being put in freezers and the freezers floating to another house … and being rescued from high-rises,” Allers said.

The council member said that instead of where the houses stood, there is only rubble.

“Every house on the beach is gone,” Ellers said. “Some of the houses on the side streets are completely gone and there’s nothing but a hole in the water.”

Allers, who had moved to higher ground during the storm, later found out that his own house was lost.

“Obviously everything inside was gone,” he said, although the structure survived. “We may be able to rebuild,” he added.

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