September 29, 2022

House expected to vote Tuesday on $40 billion Ukraine aid bill

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Lawmakers unveiled the text of the bill Tuesday, ahead of a planned vote on the legislation at the end of the day, which is expected to garner mutual support. Aid to Ukraine has been a rare highlight of bilateral relations on Capitol Hill, with Democrats and Republicans rallying around the nation on a massive call for help as it faces a Russian onslaught.

The legislation the House will vote on provides funding for a long list of priorities, including military and humanitarian aid.

According to a fact sheet released by the House Democrats, قانون 6 billion is included in the defense law to support Ukraine’s military and national security forces.

There will also be about ً 9 billion to restore US equipment sent to Ukraine.

The bill will also come. Includes $ 900 million to strengthen refugee relief services.Including housing and trauma support services for fleeing Ukrainians.

“This memorable package of security, economic and humanitarian aid will be on the floor tonight, where we hope to get a strong two-way vote,” Speaker Nancy Pelosi wrote in a letter to the House Democrats after the text of the bill was released on Tuesday. I said.

“This package, based on the strong support already received from Congress, will be important in helping Ukraine defend its democracy, not only for its nation but also for the world,” Pelosi said.

The Democratic leadership in the Senate has indicated that it will raise the bill soon after it is passed by the House.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said earlier on Tuesday that after the House approves a nearly ڈالر 40 billion emergency Ukraine aid package, the Senate must “quickly” approve the package and send it to President Joe Biden’s table. Will move forward “.

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