December 2, 2022

Hawks vs. Cavaliers: Trae Young’s second half blitz steers Atlanta into NBA playoffs

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An explosive performance by the second half Trey Young The Atlanta Hawks advanced to the Cleveland Cavaliers, 107-101, and NBA Playoff on friday

After beating the Charlotte Hornets in their first play-in game on Wednesday, the Hawks’ victory over the Cavaliers saw them take eighth seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs and punched their ticket to face top seed Miami Heat on Sunday. ۔

With six points in the first half, Young’s slow start was a reflection of his team, trailing 61-51 on the halfway mark.

Laughing from the start with a rocket mortgage field house crowd, Young laughed his last and then exploded for 32 points in the second half, ending his game with a high 38 point hole nine assists and three rebounds. ۔

Bogdan Bogdanovic added 19 points from the bench, while Lauri Markkanen led the Cavaliers to score with 26.

Young shots during the game.

The only other player in NBA history to lead the league in regular season points and assists yesterday, as well as setting a new franchise record of 233 three-pointers, Young’s play-in heroics continuing the glorious year for the 23-year-old. Is.

No wonder he got it. People’s enemy number one Status on a number of road trips, but the young villain seems more than happy to play the role.

At the end of the game, Young turned to the Cleveland home crowd, then To tweet Picture of the moment with the caption “Let’s go. M. Jano.”

Young smiled when asked about the hostile reception he received. “That’s right, you see what jersey I’m wearing,” he told NBA TV Live, picking up his number 11 jersey.

Young added, “They also tried a lot of FU slogans; I think they ran them a little too fast,” Young added.

Although unhappy with how he started the game, Young admits that he enjoys situations where his back is against the wall.

“It’s the imagination that comes out of me as a child,” Young said. “These are the moments you dream of when you were in the gym, the clock was ticking in childhood.

“In moments of pressure, in big games like this, you’re ready for them.”

Hawks coach Nate McMillan agreed, calling Young’s confidence the key to his second half.

“Tree has a lot of confidence in his game, his ability and he is a consistent believer,” McMillan told reporters.

“I didn’t see any panic in his play. He came out in the second half, remained aggressive. The shots started falling, the same shots he was taking in the first half, he started falling in the second half.

In the second decisive play-in game, the New Orleans Pelicans defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 105-101 to take the eighth seed in the Western Conference Playoffs.

Brendon Ingram stings against the Clippers.

Brendon Ingram scored a game-high 30 points to help book the Pelicans, and their victory was rewarded by a tough match against the league’s best regular season team, the Phoenix Sons.

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