September 27, 2022

GOP governors to hit the trail for Kemp in Georgia to counter Trump

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Governors – Pete Ricketts of Nebraska and Doug DC of Arizona – as well as former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, will cross the pro-camp state in their primary challenge against former U.S. Senator David Purdue, who is aware of the plans. There is a source. Tells CNN.

Purdue, backed by Trump, Georgia has lied about the 2020 election results. The centerpiece of his bid to defeat the incumbent Republican governor. Trump has repeatedly criticized the camp for its decision to confirm Georgia’s 2020 election results and has made the governor a top target, directing his political party to give half a million dollars to the anti-camp Super PAC. Is.

Despite the barrage of attacks, the camp has maintained its lead in the elections.

Ricketts and Dossey are currently serving as co-chairs of the Republican Governors Association, which has raised money in a race to support the camp, including the purchase of a major TV ad in the state.

Ricketts, Dossey, and Christy Al have occasional feuds with Trump. In Nebraska, Ricketts, who has a limited term for re-election, told Trump not to run in the Republican primary. Trump rejected the request Endorsement by Charles HerbsterA wealthy businessman is facing multiple charges of sexual misconduct, which he has denied. Ricketts backed Jim Palin, a member of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents, who won Tuesday’s GOP Govt. Primary in the state of Cornwall.

In January, Trump said he would “never” support Dossey if he ran for the U.S. Senate in Arizona after criticizing the Republican governor for confirming the 2020 state election.

Christie has spent the last several months speaking out against Trump, for whom Christie served as an adviser and helped prepare for the 2020 election debate. The former governor of New Jersey has criticized Trump for claiming that the election was rigged, and accused Trump of lying about the election results for the January 6 coup in the US capital.

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