September 29, 2022

Ford’s electric F-150 Lightning is a better version of America’s best-selling truck

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It’s fast and powerful, and it runs better than any F-150 I’ve ever ridden. All of this, and it does things you never imagined a truck would do, such as providing a workspace that also serves as a drink cooler under the hood. (The front storage box is water tight and has drain plugs.) It can power your entire home for days if you need to.

It’s a real truck, not a toy for campers, not a weird design exercise. It is now being manufactured by a company that already knows how to manufacture a large number of vehicles. Ford plans to make 150,000 of these trucks a year, about 20% of all F-Series trucks sold last year. The Ford Lightning is the all-electric version of the best-selling truck in the United States. To find out what truck owners really wanted, Ford just had to talk to his customers. It was not entering foreign territory. I recently had to drive several versions of the truck under very different scenarios at a two-day event around San Antonio, Texas.

Basically, this new F-150 doesn’t go far beyond its siblings. At a glance, if you don’t see the charging port on the front fender and the fake charging port on the side, you won’t notice that it was anything other than another F-150. Also, it has some extra lights running across the truck’s nose and tailgate, plus no holes on the grill. As I drove through the countryside south of Texas, I was amazed at how many people in all the other pickup trucks around me noticed how different it was.

There is no engine in front of the F-150 Lighting. Its huge box hood covers a large storage space instead. To get home, at a ceremony in Texas, Ford representatives filled one with ice and offered him a cold drink. There are plugs in the storage space for charging electricity and electronics with more plugs in the truck bed.

One electric motor drives the front wheels and the other rear, full-time all-wheel drive is standard in every version of Lighting. It includes a stripped down work truck with some amenities, a range of 230 miles, 426 horsepower and 775 lb-ft of torque, and a starting price of around $ 40,000. This is not much different from the price of an F-150 XL work truck powered by a four-wheel drive V8, which has 400 horsepower and only 410 lb-ft of torque.

This is a real work truck that has no position as a. Luxurious piece of camping equipment For example, Raven R1T. As with other F-150 models, of course, Lightning can have luxury-level amenities and prices up to six digits.

I spent some time in lightning pickups pulling heavy trailers and carrying heavy loads on highways and winding country roads. This truck does its job very well and, in fact, can speed up the highway on the ramp and pull a 5,000-pound trailer with remarkable ease. (According to Ford, a truck can carry a weight of 10,000 pounds.) Electric motors provide quick response with smooth speed and are of course practically silent.

With full-time all-wheel drive, the Ford F-150 is capable of off-road lighting.

What surprised me the most was how much better the electricity was compared to the gas-powered F-150s. This is largely due to the better weight balance, with heavier battery packs spread between the front and rear wheels instead of the larger engine under the hood. Lightning, like other F-150s, has a rigid solid rear axle instead of a free rear suspension, so bumps to the side do not immediately affect the other side. This, combined with the smooth power delivery of electric motors that never require gears shifting, makes Lightning a remarkably decent highway cruiser. It is also very fast – especially for full size trucks – when the accelerator is pressed.

Off-road, dangerously steep climbs, muddy trails, lightning, once again, proved remarkable. Not surprisingly, Ford chose the trail to show the truck, but to Ford’s credit, the truck I drove was stuck to the slippery rocks with the same tires I drove on the interstate. Was Electric motors, with their smooth and instantaneous power transmission, can be used by any wheel, ideal for slippery work.

In addition to doing all the things that a gas truck can do but better and faster, Lightning offers many bonus capabilities. First of all, it’s a huge “frank” or front trunk, with plugs and lights inside. Then there is the fact that, when plugged into a home charger, it can automatically provide backup power when the home is locked. This is in addition to the fact that it can also run power tools in the workplace.

Of course, pulling and carrying (and being sharply fast during pulling and carrying) consumes a lot of electricity. Without lifting heavy loads, the F-150 Lightning can travel 230 or 320 miles on a single charge, depending on what size battery pack the user orders. According to Ford, hard work falls into the truck’s range to the extent that it eliminates the gas truck’s driving range.

However, gas trucks can go very far on the tank to get started – according to the EPA the V6-powered F-150 can go up to 520 miles – and it takes less time to refill the tank than to recharge the battery. ۔ This will be a serious problem for some buyers. Most pickup owners probably drive less than 200 miles in a typical day, however, and can easily recharge overnight. The only problem now is that The Lightning will be difficult to obtain for customers who have not previously ordered. Ford has stopped taking orders from retail customers due to high demand.

What’s great about the F-150 Lightning is that it’s probably great about future EV trucks, such as the Chevrolet Silvarado EV and the Ram 1500 EV. Smooth performance and considerable power are largely inherent in electric drive systems. But the F-150 Lighting marks a turning point in America’s long love affair with pickups.

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