February 2, 2023

Elon Musk has become the most powerful person in the world

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In December, Time made some serious criticisms of it. Name Elon Musk “Man of the Year.” Less than five months after the announcement, it’s hard to argue that there was anything more than a magazine mark.

Hardly anyone else has had such an impact on a wide range of industries that could explain the future of the global economy: social media, space travel, autonomous driving, electric transport and artificial intelligence.

Now the CEO of Tesla, the world’s most valuable car company, and SpaceX, whose mission is no less than figuring out how to extend human life to other planets if the Earth becomes unsustainable, took to Twitter. Occupying, which platform they think is necessary. The future of democracy itself

Love it or hate it, Musk is not only the richest man in the world, but he is also its most powerful.

Twitter There is a long way to go Free for all days from its inception. The platform has made significant improvements in moderating content and suspending accounts that harass or misrepresent other users.

But Musk has made it clear that he believes Twitter has overreacted.

“I think we want to be very reluctant to delete things and be very careful with permanent restrictions,” Musk told a TED conference earlier this month. “Timeouts” are better than complete sanctions, he added.

In privatizing the company, Musk will face little resistance to mitigating the materialism offered by its predecessors. People who have previously violated Twitter’s policies may be reinstated. Content that once triggered a warning about the covid vaccine misinformation could once again be a fair play.

“If in doubt, let the speech be present,” Musk told the TED conference. “If this is a gray area, I would say, let the tweet be present. But obviously in a case where there is probably a lot of controversy, you don’t necessarily want to promote this tweet.

Twitter is part of the size of Facebook.

Or TikTok, but its significance lies in the concentration of elite political and media personalities who have made it their primary megaphone. Twitter is the place where news and controversy erupt in real time, advancing the national discourse any day. No other platform is able to duplicate Twitter’s messaging utility, nor because of a lack of effort.

Before his role in the January 6 uprising was banned by Twitter, it was Donald Trump’s primary communication tool until his presidency and for all his years. Since the ban, Trump Of struggle To take your copycat platform, Truth Social, off the ground.

Trump said he would not rejoin Twitter if allowed. But many believe that in view of his tremendous success in getting his message across the platform, he will eventually do just that.

Musk will soon be responsible for that decision – a choice that could ultimately affect who becomes the next president of the United States.

Many of Musk’s ambitions are fundamentally changing the way humans get from point A to point B – as well as creating brand new possibilities for point B, the unification of Mars.

So far, its privately held SpaceX has performed brilliantly in the hype surrounding this lofty mission. He even won a نا 3 billion NASA contract to take astronauts to the moon, beating Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin.

SpaceX’s engineering feats so far are remarkable, if not mind-boggling, compared to its stated mission to colonize other planets. The company now Shuttle staff regularly. For the International Space Station, and in August was the first to send a crew of all tourists into orbit.

SpaceX still has a long way to go in more ways than one, but it has managed to transform the whimsical project of an eccentric billionaire into a trusted fixture of the American aerospace industry. One Morgan Stanley analyst suggested that SpaceX could help build more than Tesla. Musk is the world’s first billionaire..

Along with Tesla, Musk’s intentions for the future are clear in the near future. The company, which Musk took over in 2008, has entered a crowded US auto market and managed to grow into a ادارے 1 trillion global company – by far the world’s most valuable carmaker by market cap.

Of course, much of this value also depends on the hype and expectations for an all-electric, self-driving future. Despite initial visits to Tesla’s semi-autonomous vehicles, Musk continues to pursue this vision. The company’s “complete self-driving” tech has been described as the best, the worst, and the worst. The software is still in beta, and is not completely independent despite its name.

None of the last dates Tesla remembers Bad software The rollout shows Musk stopping, which speaks of self-driving cars across the country in the future, and potentially a 99 percent reduction in traffic deaths.

Despite many broken promises, Musk has achieved remarkable feats, and undermining his aspirations and abilities is troubling his critics. He commands many businesses that can define the future of the world. And accordingly, with a total value of $ 257 billion BloombergMusk has the ability and drive to influence global discourse.

Buying Twitter is just the latest step.

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