September 29, 2022

EA Sports will end its video game partnership with FIFA

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Electronic Arts and its subsidiary EA Sports will end a three-decade partnership with FIFA – the governing body of world football – the gaming company. Announced on Tuesday. From next year, FIFA’s most popular video game franchise will be known as “EA SPORTS FC”.

“This new independent platform will bring a new opportunity – to innovate, create and develop,” said Kim Weber, EVP and Group GM for EA Sports & Racing in a statement. He added: “EA SPORTS FC will allow us to realize this future and much more … but not before we spend another year with our current naming rights partner, FIFA. Play the most comprehensive game. ”

Thanks to separate licensing agreements with world football leagues in England, Spain, Italy, Germany, the United States and the European Football Association UEFA, the EA will still maintain the resemblance of most of the teams and players who played its game. Has become so popular.

Electronic Arts (EA)“After the news, the stock was basically flat.
FIFA Said in a statement That gave EA a one-year extension to release the FIFA 23 video game later this year, which would feature the FIFA Men’s and Women’s World Cup. But the governing body will now work with “third party studios and publishers” to develop new games over the next two years and is in talks for a “big new” FIFA game in 2024.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino said in a statement: “I assure you that the only authentic, real game named after FIFA will be best available to gamers and football fans.” “FIFA 23, FIFA 24, FIFA 25 and FIFA 26, and so on – is the name of permanent FIFA and it will always be and always will be the best.”

While EA Sports owns several other popular video game sports franchises, including Maiden (American football), NHL (hockey), PGA Tour (golf) and Formula 1 (racing), the company says FIFA It is by far the largest money-making company.

“FIFA is our biggest and most popular game and franchise,” the company said in a statement The latest annual report last year. “The revenue from our FIFA franchise, including the annual console and PC game, which continues to be one of the best-selling games on the market … is material for our business and will continue to be so.”
How John Maiden became the biggest name in video games.
According to According to the New York Times, the FIFA franchise has amassed more than 20 20 billion in sales over the past two decades. EA declined to comment on the game’s earnings on CNN Business. In its annual report, the company stated that it had “historically received a significant portion of our net income” – of which total About ً 7 billion In the last financial year of the company – from FIFA.

In a statement Tuesday, Weber thanked the “incredible community of over 150 million spectators” for building FIFA into the “world’s largest”. [soccer] Entertainment platform. “

The gaming company also claimed the endorsement of World Games Behemoth Nike on Tuesday.

“We are excited to continue and expand our long-standing partnership with EA Sports as we serve athletes at the crossroads of sports, gaming and culture,” said DJ Van Hammern, Nike’s EVP and CM. O, said in a statement shared with EA. “Our partnership with EA SPORTS FC will authentically enhance the ways in which our communities can play and engage in sports.”

– Kevin Dotson of CNN contributed to this report.

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