September 27, 2022

Donald Trump is *still* the story in the 2022 midterms

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Donald Trump is no longer in office. But he is the dominant figure in the 2022 midterm elections.

With two big primary days behind us this month – West Virginia and Nebraska voted Tuesday.After Ohio and Indiana earlier this month – it’s clear that the former president is the only Flickr on which the Republican Party is still hovering. But the results also show that there are limits to Trump’s influence.

Start here: If you’re running for a Republican seat, you shouldn’t endorse Trump.

In the Ohio Senate race, Trump picked up author JD Venus from the middle. For the basic victory of GOP. In West Virginia, Trump has the backing of Representative Alex Mooney. A crushing victory led On fellow Republican David McCanley, who had the support of state governor as well as Democratic senator Joe Manchin.

“He wanted to write a story that this campaign would be the death knell of Donald Trump’s America First Agenda,” Venice was quoted in the media as saying. “This is not the death of America’s first agenda.”

no it is not.

At the same time, Trump’s record has not been flawless. He ran for governor of Nebraska for Charles Hubster, but Hubster Killed with difficulty in primary. By a candidate endorsed by the current Republican governor of the state.

However, it would be a mistake to view the loss of the harbster as a direct referendum on Trump. Herbster Alleged sexual harassment charges Of the eight women he denied. (At a rally for Herbster, Trump called the allegations “malicious” and added: “It’s a bad thing and it’s a shame. That’s why I’m here.”)

Despite the allegations, Horbster came within a few points of beating Jim Palin in the primary. But politics is about winning and losing, and the lobster defeat is clearly an “L” for Trump.

What to do with the first two big primary days because it has to do with Trump? Some things:

1. Trump is the biggest impetus in Republican politics. He acts – and everyone else reacts.

2. In the absence of any other major issues or weaknesses, the Trump-backed candidate is a good bet to win.

3. Trump is not a cure. He can’t just drag anyone to the final line – especially if there are big factors that reduce a candidate or race.

Next Tuesday will tell us more about Trump’s dominance within the GOP. Senate primaries are taking place in both North Carolina and Pennsylvania, where Trump has played an active role.

In North Carolina, Trump has backed Rep. Ted Bud, who finds himself in a tough race with former Gov. Pat McCrory, who has a lasting reputation as the state’s chief executive.

In Pennsylvania, Trump has sided with celebrity Dr. Mehmet Oz in a primary who, despite the heavy costs of Oz, as well as wealthy businessman Dave McCormack and his affiliated Super PAC – or perhaps because of it – deepened. Is confused Kathy Barnett also Gained momentum after a while In the race

In two weeks, Trump will face what is likely to be his biggest – and highest profile – test of his influence: the race for governor of Georgia. Trump, angered by the GOP administration’s willingness to overturn Brian Camp’s 2020 election results in the state, recruited and backed former Senator David Purdue to present a key challenge for incumbents. Purdue has focused his campaign on the false idea that the election was rigged – and struggled to gain support from the camp, which has set a conservative record in its first four years in office.

By the end of May, then, we should have a much better idea of ​​how powerful (or not) Trump’s endorsement can be.

But what we know now is this: Trump is the story. even then.

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