February 2, 2023

Donald Trump has Kevin McCarthy right where he wants him

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Now we know the reason.

“It simply came to our notice then. Told CNN.

See, the key to understanding what Trump does – or doesn’t do – is this: everything is purely a transaction.

Trump does not work on the scale of ethics. He is totally driven by what he thinks is best for him in his day-to-day decisions. People – and relationships – are the only means to that end.

Which brings us back to McCarthy – and Trump’s decision that the House GOP leader is more politically alive than politically alive.

Trump knows that if he vented his anger on McCarthy for saying one thing in public and another in private, he could almost certainly end California’s desire to be the speaker of the Republican House.

And more importantly, Trump knows that McCarthy knows that. As: McCarthy knows very well that a Simple thumbs down Because Trump can end it all for him.

That fact must be taken into account. ” McCarthy owes his political future – or even his future – to Trump. And Trump will make sure that McCarthy never forgets it.

PointAlways remember that Trump sees everyone – everyone – as a pawn who will be played to his advantage. McCarthy invited her to do just that.

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